Oakland County Sheriff Records First Use of Narcan to save Overdose Victim

OAKLAND COUNTY, MI – Sheriff Michael Bouchard testified in Senate Judiciary Committee on Sheriff Michael BouchardSeptember  30th, 2014, on Senate Bill 1049 which gave law enforcement officers the ability to carry Naloxone (Narcan) to reverse opioid and heroin overdoses.  The new law went into effect and a life was saved by Oakland County Sheriff Deputies recently.

Sheriff Michael Bouchard said they recorded their first life saved by administering Narcan. The subject who was semi-conscious, was given Narcan after which she became fully conscious and nauseated and was later transported to hospital by EMS.

In 2012, the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office totaled 281 deaths that were classified as undetermined, which is the category most drug-related deaths fall under.  Oakland County health officials in June of 2013 sent out a warning to residents of the sharp increase in heroin overdose cases in the past few years.


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