Federal, State, Local Powerhouses to Assist Detroit

detroitIn listening to the news conference and in reading the different views of all of the resources that are available to Detroit as of today, it is a new day for the city.  Over $300 million in grants and other funding are now directed at the efforts that started with the appointment of Emergency Financial Manager Kevin Orr by Governor Rick Snyder.   Both President Obama and Vice President Biden have been very involved in the planning of this announcement and day.

More police, fire, EMS will be hired in the near future.  Technology that has been sorely lacking is coming also.  Better bus service, more funding for the new M-1 project, street lighting, high tech services are coming based on the commitments from the public and private sectors.

Point people have already been named, committees formed and a real structure is being put in place to make the Motor City great again.  If all of these efforts take hold, it really is a new day in the ‘D’