Meet the Turd Burglar

Charles Willams booking photoIn the category of ‘You just cannot make this stuff up‘ we bring you one of Oklahoma’s finest.  Charles Willams was busted because of the DNA that he left behind during a home burglary that he committed on January 23.  It was not finger prints, blood or discarded clothing that he left behind.

While in the victims house during the robbery, he apparently needed to use the bathroom.  Officers say he stole gaming equipment, clothing, and a bb gun totaling more than $1,000. Before he left, he relieved himself in the family’s toilet.  Disgusting as it is, he did not flush.  The victim’s children found the offending present and flushed it before police could arrive, but the toilet paper remained. The recovered DNA proved to be a confirmed match to Charles Williams.

Williams is in the Oklahoma County Jail tonight with no bond however we can all rest easier knowing that he has his own stainless steel toilet to use and not one made of Porcelain in a private residence.