MI Loves Jeffrey Adam Gutt !

Jeffrey Adam Gutt from the Detroit area made it through the rounds on The X Jeffrey-Adam-Gutt-THE-X-FACTOR-USAFactor on Wednesday night.  His incredible rendition of Amazing Grace was the powerhouse of the nights competition.  This guy has the pipes to bring it home.

It does not hurt that he is a very handsome guy.  But there is something in his soul, that if you pay attention, it is clear to see that he is a wonderful, warm and very loving individual.  There is no doubt that Jeffrey Adam Gutt is the real deal.

Last year for his original audition he did a soul-stirring cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.  It was so surprising that he did not make it to the live shows last year.  He was crushed when he was sent home.  But we thank God he is back this year. 

Kid Rock, are you paying attention?  We hope that you are. The two of you could do some crazy awesome tunes together.

Everyone in Michigan who has a TV or an internet connection needs to keep tabs on him as he once again attempts to win it all on The X Factor.  Jeff, Michigan is cheering you on and yes we are watching.

If you would like to see Jeffrey live, he is set to perform at Fifth Avenue in Royal Oak on Oct. 10.