Police End Standoff with Elderly Womans Arrest

The 74 year old Port Huron woman was taken into custody in Lexington about zfar153525 p.m. Saturday, ending a standoff that stretched from Port Huron, MI to Lexington, MI.  It all began with an attempted traffic stop by officers.

Port Huron Police Lt. Joel Wood said the woman was taken to Port Huron Hospital. She was expected to be lodged in the St. Clair County jail pending arraignment on unspecified charges.

No shots were fired. The woman was taken into custody using less lethal means such as a Taser or possibly a gas canister was used to subdue the woman.  Officers also had deployed an armored personnel vehicle to assist during the standoff.

The Chevrolet Impala she fled in was parked in front of the Lexington Police Department with officers from several agencies surrounding it.  Information indicated the woman had a gun and was seen pointing it up at the roof of the car.

The driver, according to the Sanilac County Sheriff Department, was an elderly woman, possibly 74, with an alleged psychiatric condition.

When the woman fled from the traffic stop in Port Huron, she drove her vehicle at speeds reaching 95 to 100 mph during the chase.