Kwame Kilpatrick Former Detroit Mayor Gets Sentenced to 28 Years Behind Bars

Today was the day of reckoning for Kwame Kilpatrick and his really bad behavior while he was the ‘Hip Hop’ Mayor of Detroit. For a Kwame Kilpatrickman who gave Detroit an era that wont be forgotten for many years to come with his charm, intelligence and swagger could not hold up the financial house of cards that he presided over. 

Kwame Kilpatrick’s undoing was his unabashed greed for sex and money would cause his administration to crumble before the eyes of the public in a Sex & Text Scandal.  Kilpatrick should have known well better that kickbacks, bribes, no bid contracts and lies would get the full attention of the Federal Government.  He had his law license.  He had worked in politics for many years.  Kilpatrick is by no means an unintelligent person.  But his building and running a massive criminal enterprise under the RICO Act as the Mayor of Detroit brought down the Federal hammer hard.

When all of the layers were peeled back, it was eye popping the cancer that had spread from downtown Detroit reaching deep into the neighborhoods.  He had appointed many of his closest family and friends to positions of major power through the city.  Individuals who would prove to be completely unqualified to do the jobs that they garnered because of his power and control of Detroit.  Kilpatrick’s greed was slapped in the faces of every Detroiter on a daily basis.  It was the behind the scenes of Pay to Play in Detroit that was sickening  to learn about. 

Image is everything when you are in the eye of public.  Tailored suits, Lincoln Navigators, a huge city paid security detail that followed his almost every move were unlike any other to be seen throughout the United States.  Kilpatrick and family’s jet setting ways, private schools for his children, well documented parties at  Manoogian mansion, the city owned residence of the mayor and that ever so polished image of high class ghetto thug running Detroit further into financial ruin was beamed world wide.

Today not only the citizens of Detroit but the entire State of Michigan are working to clean up the complete  chaos that was left behind during his reign.  The scares and wounds run to the very core of was is right about Detroit.  The sooner that the public understands that as of today justice has been handed to a very public crook, can Detroit move forward to a brighter future.