Thank You John McCain for Giving Us Part of D.C’s Mess

0829_mccain_460x276As we head into day 14 of the government shutdown we need to look in our rear view mirror a bit.  It was during his bid for the presidency that John McCain thrust  a basic unknown to the public.  She was riding the Tea Party Express into the faces of every American.  Her name:  Sarah Palin.

That was 5 years ago.  Her brand of politics was brash, ultra conservative and just getting started.  The Tea Party had been around for some time but it really came into the glare of the spotlight with John McCain’s choice of running mate. 

Oh there is a laundry list of others that we can tag with the government shut down from the Tea Party.  Here are some of those individuals:

  • Rep. Michele Bachmann
  • Sen. Ted Cruz
  • Glen Beck, former Fox News host
  • Former Alaska Sarah Palin
  • Rep. Ron Paul

It is doubtful that John McCain could have imagined the enormous mess 5 years later that he was shoving into the faces of the American Public when he took on Sarah Palin as his running mate.  He too was thrown onto the Tea Party Express not knowing that he was riding a movement not unlike that of the airliners that were piloted into the towers of the Word Trade Center.  The difference with those on the planes and The Tea Party Express is that it is the entire American public being held hostage.  Those on the airliners didnt live to see the immediate devastation that a group with hate in their hearts caused with those aboard as ultimate victims.

We as the American public would be so foolish to reelect anyone of those who sit in office today who have their unmistakable finger prints are all over this madness playing out in the halls of congress.  Every American should loath the day that John McCain gave us Sarah Palin.