Possible Human Traffickers at Meijer Grand Rapids

human-trafficking***AN UPDATE TO THIS STORY*** The Grand Rapids Police Department has looked into this posting from Linda Holland and found it to be false.  The problem is real and does exist in Michigan but just not in the case.

After reading a post on Facebook we felt it necessary to bring this potential problem to light for others.

Linda Holland posted on her Facebook page and it was shared out with others:

Just an FYI. Human traffickers are now in Grand Rapids, MI. A friend of mine was being stalked at the Meijer on 28th st. & Kalamazoo Ave. If she hadn’t kept an eye on her surroundings, she would’ve vanished.

A lady bumped into her 2 or 3 times on purpose, while she was shopping. Then a guy was walking very close behind her on her way out of the store. She got a bad vibe & didn’t leave the store right away. She made sure the guy left before she did. She went to her car & started to dash home. Then, she realized she needed to report the incident. So, she turned around & went back to Meijer to report the incident.

She was told, they knew about it, but they can’t do anything about it. It’s a public place. She was also told, there’s a team of people working together. Usually, 2 or 3 people in the store picking out targets to kidnap. And 3 or 4 people in the parking lot waiting to put you quickly into a vehicle & drive off. The guy following behind her on her way out of the store, was so close 2 her that he could’ve injected her with something & walked her right out of the store with no one noticing a thing!

If this is happening at Meijer, it’s most likely happening at other stores, malls & public places. LADIES, PLEASE BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. AND LET’S KEEP A CLOSER EYE ON OUR CHILDREN! WHO KNOWS WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN!!!!!! Maybe this is what’s happening to the people who have gone missing in west Michigan. I wholeheartedly hope the ladies of west Michigan and other areas, take a self-defense class & warn your children about predators. Please be safe and pass this information on to family, friends & loved ones.

If Mejier did in fact make the statement that they are aware and could not do anything about this potential problem, major precautions need to be heeded as we head into the holiday shopping season.  Meijer management should have notified police and then made sure that the FBI was also brought in to take details.

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