Muslims In Michigan Prisons To Get Halal Meals

Meals that meet strict Islamic rules will be served in Michigan prisons to prisonMuslims after a federal judge approved a settlement in a lawsuit that was handled by the A.C.L.U along with attorney Daniel Quick.  Inmates sued in 2006, saying the Corrections Department violated their right to practice their religion.

U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn approved the settlement, calling it “fair and reasonable”.  There are still many though that are questioning the actual rights of individuals who are imprisoned.  United States and Michigan laws have taught that you have chosen to forfeit your rights once convicted of a crime and sent to prison except in specific and narrow instances.  It is noted here that Jewish inmates can get kosher meals, Buddhist get special meals and now Muslims will get their specific meals but Catholics do not get fish on Fridays during Lent.  Will Catholic inmates be next to file suit?  The state will serve a vegetarian meal for all inmates who request a meal that adheres to their religion, no matter their faith.

Michigan prison food operations will be taken over by the private company Aramark.