Burger King in Alpena, MI Needs a Serious Upgrade

Walk into the Burger King in Alpena on US-23 South, stand at the counter and take a serious look burger king

at the kitchen area and the little bit that you can see of the back room area.  For lack of better words, it horrendous !

The building was built in the late 1970’s and it shows.  No major renovations have taken place since the place went up.  Yes the new menu boards are glossy and bright but that’s pretty much it.  The ceiling tiles in the kitchen area look to be the original ones from when the place was built.  Some do not even exist.  Most of the tiles are sagging.

It was not that long ago that buckets had to be placed in the dining area because the roof was leaking pretty bad.

If anyone is really paying attention, the kitchen area and even the front area where the bagging is done is never that clean.  One has to question where and what standards is the regional or district manager going on when they come through to do inspections.  Surely this restaurant cannot meet corporate Burger King standards.  A competent health inspector needs to take a fine tooth comb through this establishment to help it come up to grade.

The employees are friendly enough but even they are looking tired.  Not all but enough of them have uniform issues.  Its been noticed that the general white shirts that the managers wear are typically more grey with dirt, sweat and ketchup than they are white.  The female managers, which there have been numerous, have their hair tied back, somewhat.  For anyone who has worked in the food service industry and takes pride in the building, the employees around them and the food that is being served, this Burger King lacks severely in those areas.

Burger King Corporation needs to step up and step into this unit.


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