Two Gang Factions Battle at Cobo Hall in Detroit

DETROIT, MI – Motor City Muckraker brought to the attention of authorities the beat down gangsthat the Detroit rap group DoughBoyz CashOut took last Wednesday at Cobo Hall.  This particular rap group has a history of violence.  This group originates from the west side of the city.  A large group of east-side rappers and friends brutally beat DoughBoyz CashOut member HBK and about four others at while at Cobo Hall. HBK was knocked out and his chain necklace stolen. He was kicked while unconscious.  Though no confirmation is available at this time, a comment posted to YouTube states that one of the individuals is in a coma as a result of this fight.  If this is true and the person does not live, then obvious murder charges would have to be filed.

You can see this may lay take place in the video below.

It is feared at this time that a powder keg of retaliation could possibly happen between the two gangs.  Fans are pledging retaliation, escalating fears of another rivalry between east-side and west-side rappers. Police are equally concerned because they do not want bullets to start flying.

Another comment on YouTube called the group “DopeBoyz Cashout”.  Is that what Dbco actually stands for?  It is not unheard of that gangs are involved in the drug trade so this would be of no surprise.

What is stoking the issue between the two gangs is the necklace that was stolen from HBK. A photo was posted online with a ranking member in the east side gang wearing it.

If someone in either group makes the wrong move, this could have devastating effects on a city that is struggling so hard to get back up on its feet.  The obvious questions have to be:  Where were the police?  Why are arrests not being made on both sides for causing mob action in the newly renovated Cobo Hall?

This is unacceptable behavior in a place that is undergoing a major facelift with taxpayer money.  Those responsible for the bookings at Cobo Hall also need to acknowledge and accept responsibility.