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Identify the Missing

The Michigan State Police (MSP), Detroit Police Department and Wayne County missingMedical Examiner’s Office in partnership with the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) are teaming up in an effort to help solve missing persons cases.

Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office
1300 E. Warren Avenue
Detroit, Mich. 48207

Tuesday December 3rd, 2013    9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Family DNA reference samples will be collected to help solve missing persons cases and identify human remains housed at the Wayne County morgue. This service is free of charge.

If possible, families are encouraged to bring police reports, photos, x-raysm, medical and dental records, as well as at least two biological relatives of their missing loved one to the event.

Events such as these can help law enforcement identify missing persons throughout the country. Earlier this year, the skeletal remains of a 1994 case involving a woman who was found in an abandoned farm house in St. Clair County, Mich. was identified with the help of family DNA reference samples. The remains were identified as Diann Tatum from Cincinnati, Ohio who went missing in 1988.

Michigan has over 4,000 missing persons cases documented with law enforcement agencies and there are over 100 sets of unidentified human remains in the state. Family members who submit their DNA could provide the answers they are seeking in their loved one’s disappearance.

Contact: D/Tpr. Sarah Krebs, MSP Biometrics and Identification Division, (313) 215-0675 Agency: State Police

MSP hosts an annual ‘Missing in Michigan’ event to help families across the state who have missing loved ones by collecting tips and updating records and to raise awareness on the causes and impacts surrounding missing persons. The 2014 ‘Missing in Michigan’ event is tentatively planned for May 2014 and will be held at a location in the Flint area.

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