We Honor or Celebrate

Today We Honor World Day for Persons with Disabilities

The purpose of this day is to increase awareness across the world for a variety Equalof disabilities, ranging from physical, mental and emotional ones.

World Day for Persons with Disabilities, also referred to as the International Day of People with Disability, is observed December 3rd. Originally established by the United Nations in 1992, this international holiday is meant to promote the awareness and understanding of all forms of disability.

While the United States has long-supported people with disabilities, not everyone gets this type of recognition in other nations. Before the founding of this holiday, many disabled individuals were denied rights and shunned upon. The United Nations founded the World Day for Persons with Disabilities in part to help everyone gain the rights they deserve. At the same time, many of these rights come in the form of support.

We have a responsibility as a state to protect our most vulnerable citizens: our children, seniors, people with disabilities. That is our moral obligation. But there is an economic justification too – we all pay when the basic needs of our citizens are unmet.” – John Lynch