Followup On Burger King Alpena, Corporate Contacts Us

burger kingIn our article from Monday, December 02, 2013 entitled Burger King in Alpena, MI Needs a Serious Upgrade, we pointed out the issues that are plaguing this restaurant.  In our efforts to get the attention of Corporate Burger King, we posted this article and then also emailed and Tweeted them on Twitter.

In either 2014 or 2015, Alpena can expect to see one of the following:  a scrape & rebuild or a face lift to this restaurant.  It is in the plan that it be done next year or the year after.  Understand that it is not unheard of for plans to change.  However, with TEAM Schostak knowing that we wait and watch, we will keep tabs on any developments and will post them accordingly.

We are happy to report back that Vicki Goudie, District Business Manager of TEAM Schostak Family Restaurants contacted us via email today.  Her response and ours is posted here:

“Hi Brian,

I saw your guest relations comment and your blog and wanted to respond to you. First let me introduce myself. My name is Vicki Goudie and I am the District Business Manager of the Burger King in Alpena, MI. I have been with Burger King for 23 years now and take all comments from our guest very seriously as our goal is to please each guest that visits our stores. I have high standards in our stores and expect each of my General Managers to have the same standards I do.

    Josh Skierski is the General Manager of the Burger King and has been the General Manager for almost a year now but has been with Burger King for 5 years.  He has always worked at this restaurant starting out as a team member and working his way up into management and then becoming the General Manager last year.

    Josh is a local man that lives right in Alpena with his wife and daughter and has lived there all his life. His family and friends also live in Alpena. He is known in the town and he also shares in the high standards I have as well. Josh takes his job very seriously as he has decided to make this his career. Josh has always had the positive attitude and his goal is to please each guest that comes into his Burger King.

    Corporation is deciding to either do a scrape & rebuild or a face lift to this restaurant. We are scheduled to have one or the other done in 2014 or 2015. It is in the plan that it be done next year or the year after.

    We really do strive to give each guest what they expect on each visit with us, sometimes that doesn’t happen but it is something we strive for each day. I do want you to know that we do appreciate all comments about our Burger Kings good or bad. If they are negative comments, we learn from them and try to improve to help our guests be even more satisfied on their next visit. If they are positive comments, we share with our teams as it is important to give them the good feedback as well.

Thank you so much for your comment and we hope to see you in our Burger King in the future.

Vicki Goudie

District Business Manager

TEAM Schostak Family Restaurants”


Hi Vicki,

I do appreciate your getting back to me.  I am very happy to hear that
you too have saw the problems that exist in this unit.  Obviosuly I am
by no means against Burger King as a whole.

As a person who went to college to manage restaurants and have ran many
of them (fortunately that part of my life  is in the past), I know the
issues that come up with doing so.  Especially when you are operating an
aging building.

I frequent this restaurant because my 82 year old father likes the
Junior Whoppers with cheese and bacon added.  I remember watching this
building going up.  I know it was somewhere in the range of late 70’s to
early 80’s.  So its been around for some time.

Last week when I walked in, all of the items that I listed in my
writings hit me in one wave.  As I drove home, it honestely bothered me
that issues are what they are currently in this operation.  I became
determined to get someones attention in your corporation to take a look
and make things better.

I was hired directly out of college to work for Denny’s Restaurants.  It
was my job to go in and take over units that were performing extremely
bad in many areas.  It was not an easy postion by any means to go into a
unit that had long term employees and basically turn the place upside
down to make things right.  It was not unusual for some of those long
term employees to be the direct problems of the restaurants operations.
In saying all of this, I watched and wondered about the moral of the
employees just based on appearance and in the way that I viewed them as
just being very tired.  Understand that they were not disinterested but
not overly inviting.  What comes to mind is the line from an ‘I Love
Lucy’ episode:  “Are you tired, listless?  Do you poop out at parties?”
I know that is an odd analogy but it does fit.

As for Josh, the General Manager, I completely understand and appreciate
the position that he is in when managing this restaurant.  If you become
a General Manager in a unit like this, you are dealt a hand already in
play.  You cannot solve all of the issues over night unless you are
walking into a sparklingly new building with employees excited to serve.
He is also relatively new in his position so he is still learning the

Various people from the area have contacted me since I posted the
article.  I was surprised at the overall goodwill of them but they also
completely agree with my findings.  I will post your response and mine
to you as a follow up to the article so others can see that Alpena is
not the red headed step child of Burger King.

If you will, please keep me updated on time lines and I promise to
update the readers with that information.  I appreciate your time and I
know the foodies in Alpena will as well.

Have a good day and thank you.

As Always,

Brian L. Thompson


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