First Murder in 10 Days Breaks Streak

DETROIT, MI – Detroit experienced its first murder in 10 days. That milestone is encouragement that murderthe new police Chief James Craig is having a positive impact on the city’s crime rate, specifically murder. As of November 9, 2013 there have been a total of 290 homicides in the City of Detroit. That is a 16% drop year over year. Unfortunately that break in the murder rate changed this morning at 2:10 A.M. when a man in his 30’s was shot and killed in his car on the east side.

The murder occurred at East Outer Drive and Van Dyke. A single gunshot shattered the front windshield and hit the man in the chest. A Detroit EMS medic pronounced the man dead at the scene.

We can only hope that the gun silence picks back up and continues for a longer stretch. That would definitely be a very encouraging sign for the residents of Detroit who have lived in fear for way to long.

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