In The Department of “It’s Never Gonna Happen !”

Kwame JailDETROIT, MI – Kwame Kilpartick, former Mayor of Detroit, was ordered today to pay $4,584,423 restitution plus another $195,000 to the Internal Revenue Service on top of the $854,063 that he already owes the City of Detroit.  Grand total of …. wait for it !  $5,633,486.00 !!

First off, he has been sentenced to 28 years and incarcerated immediately, after being convicted on RICO charges, in Federal prison for his city hall misdeeds.

Though not proven as of yet, it is believed that Kilpatrick hid large sums of money before his trial ended in his conviction on multiple charges.  Both Kilpatick and Bobby Ferguson claimed poverty and received taxpayer-funded legal teams for their trials on corruption charges.

Kilpatrick and his family had relocated to Texas shortly after he resigned and/or was forced from office by then Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Carlita Kilpatrick was let go in September of 2013 from her $41,200 job at the Duncanville, Texas athletic department, with the explanation that she didn’t meet the qualifications for the job.  It was discovered that there was cash in her desk, $341 to be exact, that was against policy to do in her job.

Up next for a financial flogging will be his boy pal Bobby Ferguson.