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E. Lansing Police Photo Gallery of Unruley Need to be Identified

Michigan-State-University-LogoE. LANSING, MI – A cash reward is being offered to identify those who the East Lansing Police want to identify from the massive unruly celebrations that took place after the winning game over the weekend.

It appears the police are very serious about sending a message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

The police department’s weekend report says 15 people were students and one was an alumnus. East Lansing police say there were at least 57 fires, especially in a neighborhood of apartments just off the eastern edge of campus.  They were arrested from the rowdy celebration of Michigan State’s victory over Ohio State in the Big Ten championship game that sends MSU to the Rose Bowl.

Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon issued a statement Sunday expressing pride at the victory and anger at the disorder, vowing punishment for any students involved.

“The behavior last night on campus and in East Lansing by both students and non-students was disappointing,” said Simon. “Unfortunately, the behavior of a small number casts doubt on many.

Simon said investigators would review the incidents “and individuals will be held accountable. I ask that you join me in reinforcing that Spartans honor the success of our teams by celebrating with class.”

Police swarmed Cedar Village in the overnight hours on Saturday on reports of multiple fires and large crowds gathering.  Arrests were made and police are pursuing charges against anyone involved.   Authorities are taking tips at 1-800-ELPD-TIP. Photo Gallery on Facebook: