Say What You Will About LeAnn Rimes

NASHVILLE, TN – LeAnn Rimes tribute last evening to Patsy Cline was nothing short of stunning.  Comments flowing on line range from “Amazing”, “Stunning”, “Home Wrecker” to “Harlot”.  Take away the negative comments and this is why we fell in love with her when she was 14 and sang “Blue”.

LeAnn Rimes has an amazing voice and should focus on her wheel house.  Country music.  LeAnn has bounced all over the spectrum when it comes to choosing music to record.  Music writers and producers need to convince her that songs written in the frame of those Patsy Cline sang 50 years ago still resonate with those of us who pine for the days of real Country Music.

It is very evident based on the audiences reaction and from those commenting online that real country music can and does sell even in the age of what we see today.  Country music of today was known some 20-30 years ago as Rock-A-Billy.  Now it is called mainstream unfortunately.