Republican Dave Agema Makes Major Homophobic Remarks

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BERRIEN COUNTY, MI – Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema in a speech at a Republican dave_agemameeting in Berrien County, MI on Thursday said that gay people are manipulating the system to get free health insurance.  His remarks were especially damning because he was attacking the gay community based on the HIV/AIDS crisis and the costs of caring for someone.

“I’m a flight attendant,” Agema said. “You have AIDS. You come to me and say, ‘Hey, tell them I’m your lover for the last six months.’ You get on our health care.  “American Airlines spends $400,000 before you die of AIDS. And he goes on to the next, and the next, and that’s what was happening.

“Folks, they want free medical because they’re dying between 38 and 44 years old”. Agema tried to appeal to the audience by calling it a moral issue, a biblical issue and that for the Republicans, traditional marriage is where it should be and that is in our platform.

Gov. Rick Snyder has come out against Agema’s remarks.  Many in the community are calling for Dave Agema’s resignation.  This is not the first time that Agema has made stunning remarks against the Gay community.  In March he approved a posting on Facebook stating that “gay people were sexually promiscuous, rife with sexually transmitted diseases and responsible for “half the murders in large cities.”

Agema sent out an e-mail Tuesday night saying he was standing by his comments.

It does not matter if you are Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, etc., we as citizens of the State of Michigan should be blindly outraged and demand his immediate resignation.

Contact the Michigan Senate and let your voice be heard.  A list of Michigan Senator’s:


Phone No.
Fax No.
D27Ananich, Jim517-373-0142517-373-3938315 Farnum Bldg
D6Anderson, Glenn517-373-1707517-373-3935610 Farnum Bldg
D9Bieda, Steven M517-373-8360517-373-9230310 Farnum Bldg
R35Booher, Darwin L517-373-1725517-373-0741520 Farnum Bldg
R11Brandenburg, Jack517-373-7670517-373-5958605 Farnum Bldg
R38Casperson, Tom517-373-7840517-373-3932705 Farnum Bldg
R16Caswell, Bruce517-373-5932517-373-5944720 Farnum Bldg
R7Colbeck, Patrick517-373-7350517-373-92281020 Farnum Bldg
R33Emmons, Judy K517-373-3760517-373-86611005 Farnum Bldg
R31Green, Mike517-373-1777517-373-5871805 Farnum Bldg
D14Gregory, Vincent517-373-7888517-373-29831015 Farnum Bldg
R34Hansen, Goeff517-373-1635517-373-3300420 Farnum Bldg
R29Hildenbrand, Dave517-373-1801517-373-5801920 Farnum Bldg
D3Hood, Morris W III517-373-0990517-373-5338710 Farnum Bldg
D8Hopgood, Hoon-Yung517-373-7800517-373-9310515 Farnum Bldg
R22Hune, Joe517-373-2420517-373-2764505 Farnum Bldg
D5Hunter, Tupac A.517-373-0994517-373-5981S-9 Capitol Bldg
R28Jansen, Mark517-373-0797517-373-5236S-310 Capitol Bldg
D2Johnson, Bert517-373-7748517-373-1387220 Farnum Bldg
R24Jones, Rick517-373-3447517-373-5849915 Farnum Bldg
R32Kahn, Roger517-373-1760517-373-3487S-324 Capitol Bldg
R15Kowall, Mike517-373-1758517-373-0938305 Farnum Bldg
R12Marleau, Jim517-373-2417517-373-26941010 Farnum Bldg
R30Meekhof, Arlan B517-373-6920517-373-2751S-8 Capitol Bldg
R36Moolenaar, John517-373-7946517-373-2678715 Farnum Bldg
R19Nofs, Mike517-373-2426517-373-2964S-132 Capitol Bldg
R13Pappageorge, John517-373-2523517-373-5669S-2 Capitol Bldg
R25Pavlov, Phil517-373-7708517-373-1450905 Farnum Bldg
R21Proos, John517-373-6960517-373-0897820 Farnum Bldg
R17Richardville, Randy517-373-3543517-373-0927S-106 Capitol Bldg
R26Robertson, David B517-373-1636517-373-1453320 Farnum Bldg
R10Rocca, Tory517-373-7315517-373-3126205 Farnum Bldg
R20Schuitmaker, Tonya517-373-0793517-373-5607405 Farnum Bldg
D4Smith, Virgil517-373-7918517-373-5227510 Farnum Bldg
R37Walker, Howard517-373-2413517-373-5144910 Farnum Bldg
D18Warren, Rebekah517-373-2406517-373-5679415 Farnum Bldg
D23Whitmer, Gretchen517-373-1734517-373-5397S-105 Capitol Bldg
D1Young, Coleman II517-373-7346517-373-9320410 Farnum Bldg
RLieutenant Governor
Brian Calley
517-373-6800517-241-3956215 Capitol Bldg

Mail for all Senators can be
addressed as follows:

Post Office Box 30036
Lansing, MI 48909-7536

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