Jeffrey Adam Gutt Enters Final Stretch on X Factor

DETROIT, MI – America can be fickle at times when it chooses who they like best in a Jeff-Guttcompetition like the X Factor but last night they got it right.   Jeffrey Adam Gutt made it into the finals.

Gutt beat out Simon Cowell’s country boy group Restless Road to take the last remaining spot for the finals which take place next week.  After securing that spot he sang Journey’s “Open Arms”.  There was no doubt that the audience took more to his performance than they did of duo Alex & Sierra or Carlito Olivero.

Carlito Olivero performed a song mostly in Spanish that could well have hurt him with his American non-spanish speaking audience.  Being Latino and proud of your heritage is a wonderful thing but when you disenfranchise an entire segment of the population who do not speak Spanish, it can have negative effects to what the public wants in a winner.

Duo Alex & Sierra perform well together but their star power is not yet polished enough to sell a boat load of records.  Their image is squeaky clean and adorable but almost to a point of saccharine sweet.

This coming week will be critical for Jeff Gutt when it comes to getting those final votes to send him to the top of the X Factor.  But because he is our native son and he is a better performer that the other two acts, we have little doubt that they can beat him out.