Suspect Charged for Beating Mentally Disabled Man

REDFORD, MI – Jermaine Findley who is 25 years old, a very sweet young arrest6man, who does not understand why someone would attack him for no reason.  Once the media got wind of this disabled young man being assaulted, public outcry grew.  Police received a tip that named Mark Marlow as the suspect in the surveillance video.  Praise to the person(s) for doing the right thing and calling in that tip.

Mark Marlow was arraigned in Redford District Court Monday. He was charged with assault and battery and aggravated assault, both misdemeanors.  This is not the first run in with the law that Marlow has had before.  Marlow has a felony criminal record which includes serving time in prison for assault with a dangerous weapon, felony firearms and carrying a concealed weapon.

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