Internet Crime Unit May Close Down

Detroit, MI – Benny Napoleon is the Wayne County Sheriff.  He wanted to be INTERNET-CRIMEthe Mayor of Detroit but lost in the election.  He is seeking more money to run the Wayne County Jail System.  Because Napoleon was denied the request by a judge for more funding for the overall operations, it appears the Sheriff is going to close down The Wayne County Internet Crime Unit. This all based on a small glitch in the Wayne County Charter.  This is not a ‘required unit’ based on that Charter.

First and foremost Napoleon needs to look no further that the ills of Detroit and take note that any entity must live or exist within it means.  He seems to have ignored that memo.  Can you imagine what would have happened if he had been elected to the Mayor’s office.  Benny Napoleon cannot balance his books and will conjure up any excuse for his own benefit.

The Wayne County Internet Crime Unit has been disbanded and will cease to exist come the beginning of 2014 unless an eleventh hour agreement can be put in place.  This unit handles many different types of crimes involving the internet mainly but also assists in others as well.

We watched the incredible spiral of death that was hitting Detroit.  Are we watching the same play out in the county that Detroit is a major part of?  Where is Robert Ficano in all of this?