Parking in Front of Walmart Alpena

ALPENA, MI – For those who want to park in front of the building and dash into pic-walmart-store-front-blue 304Walmart in Alpena, you should probably rethink that.  Upon entering the parking lot it was noted that the State Police had one vehicle stopped at the entrance closest to the grocery store doors.  Upon leaving out of the pharmacy doors there was a white minivan parked just east of that entrance directly in front of the building.  A State Trooper circled the car checking all of the doors which were locked.  He then wrote a ticket for the car and called for a wrecker to tow the vehicle.

It is not known if Walmart is cracking down on those who park in front of their building and dash in for whatever reason or if the police are enforcing what most of us know.  It’s illegal to park your car in front of Walmart’s building and leave it so you can run in quickly to shop. Those areas are considered designated fire lanes.  It is not illegal to stop your car, let someone out and then go park your vehicle in the regular parking lot of the store.

We commend the efforts of the State Police for their efforts in making the M-32/Bagley area safer to drive through.  Police have stepped up enforcements in the past several weeks by issuing tickets to those who are potential accidents waiting to occur.  That particular area has had several major accidents and will only get worse when the new Meijer store opens there next year across from Walmart.  The M-32 corridor is already congested and will become more so as other business entities take root in that area.

The State Police are also running public service announcements on the radio about the stepped up enforcements in the M-32 area.  In hearing the PSA, it states that there have been some 160 serious accidents in that area.

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