Hope and Renewal as Detroit Swears in New Mayor

DETROIT, MI – At 11 A.M. this New Years Day, Mike Duggan took the oath of office to become mike-dugganthe 75th Mayor of Detroit with his father Judge Duggan holding the family bible.  His four-year term will begin with limited powers in a city that is winding its way through bankruptcy and whose finances are controlled by a state-appointed Emergency Manager.  Under Michigan’s emergency manager law, Kevin Orr has control over Detroit’s finances.

Orr and Duggan have worked out what items that the new mayor will be responsible for during this time of State control. Duggan announced on December 19th that he and Orr agreed to share some of the duties in running the city, with the bulk of financial responsibilities still under the emergency manager’s control.

Mike Duggan will take control of blight removal, public lighting and the Fire Department, and will control financial matters relating to the day-to-day function of city government.

We wish you well Mayor Duggan.

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