MI Police Searching for Missing 24 Yr Old Georgia Man

SOUTHFIELD, MI – Police in Wayne County, Oakland County and Georgia are james wesley johnsonsearching for a missing 24 year old man from Columbia County, Georgia.

His name is James Wesley Johnson.  He goes by the name of Wesley Johnson.   His friends state that he is a loner and that since graduating from high school he has not kept in touch with others that he knew from then.  He was last seen on Saturday, December 14th, 2013 at the Greyhound Bus Terminal in Detroit.  There is video footage of him waiting at the terminal in Detroit for about 3 hours.  He has not been heard from since.  He had two laptops and a cell phone with him.  Police do not believe that his cell phone has been used since he disappeared.  Authorities have not ruled out foul play.

Johnson took a bus from Georgia en route to Southfield. He arrived at the bus station in Detroit on Dec. 14. He exited the bus in Detroit and did not continue on to Southfield.

Authorities believe Johnson may be in the Oakland County area. His family is desperate to find him since he has never did something like this before. Anyone with information is asked to contact 911 or the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 541-2800.

We are sharing this video from Fox2 News Detroit so you have the best information possible on helping find him.

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