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More Proof Chicago is Becoming the New Detroit

CHICAGO, IL –  On Nov 17, 2013, we published an article entitled “Is chicagoSkChicago the Next Detroit ?“.  The direct answer is Yes !

Today an article published in the Chicago Tribune entitled “Chicago lags on repairing potholes, street lights” proves the original article that wrote is on target.

Anyone who can see, feel touch or hear knows that the roads and streets in Detroit are a crime just to drive on.  Go ahead and try to dodge a pothole. It does not work out well because the one you are trying to avoid might be only slightly smaller than the next one that you will hit.

It is also no secret that departments reporting for street & lighting are substandard to laughable in Detroit.  The Chicago Department Transportation of compiled inaccurate or incomplete data on its performance, to make the numbers on pothole and streetlight repairs appear to be better than they were.

Many media and citizen reports of major swaths of street lights being burned out, vandalized by scrappers or just plain worn out have been fodder for those wanting to point an ugly finger at Detroit.

Chicago has not experienced the extreme gutting of its inner city of business’ and residents taking flight to the suburbs like Detroit has but it is obvious that it is facing the very same ills.  Both Detroit & Chicago have watched as the violent crimes in each city have skyrocketed