Compuware Selling Off 3 Profitable Units

DETROIT, MI – Are corporate raiders at work in the Compuware brand?  CompuwareLogoThough Peter Karmanos has not said anything about corporate raiders since his retirement and then the termination of a consulting agreement he had with them, one only has to look at the past couple of years in the company of Compuware and the undoing really might just be getting underway.

Compuware Corp. announced Wednesday that it’s selling its Changepoint, Professional Services and Uniface business units to Marlin Equity Partners. Compuware ‘s products are aimed at the information technology departments of large businesses.  Their services include testing, development, professional services, automation, project and portfolio management, cloud computing based collaboration and performance management software for programs running on mainframe computers and distributed client–server systems. The company is headquartered in downtown Detroit.

For its fiscal 2012, the company revenues were 1.009 billion.  Marlin Equity Partners will purchase the three business units for $160 million.  Given all of the others services that the company has to offer, it would not be hard to see the selling off of even more profitable areas of the Compuware corporate structure.

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