New Detroit Councilman Caught with Open Container & Pot

DETROIT, MI – Details are just emerging that Detroit City Council president George Cushingberrypro tem George Cushingberry Jr. was caught driving with an open container of alcohol and pot in his car recently.  However, he was let go with only a ticket !

Officers stopped him Tuesday night outside a northwest-side strip bar, however, sources are saying the councilman was leaving Starvin Marvin’s and almost hit police officers.  Witnesses are also saying that after almost hitting the officers, the officers gave chase but the councilman did not stop. Another patrol car was called in to assist with the chase. When they finally stopped him, he took off again ! When he was finally stopped the last time, Cushingberry flashed his City Council ID card.

The originating officer wanted to place Cushingberry under arrest but when the officers supervisor came on the scene, the Councilman was given a ticket and allowed to go on to his destination.

Rules should be no different for an elected official than they are for the average citizen.  Was Cushingberry given a breathalyzer test on the scene and if the answer is yes, what was the reading?  How much marijuana did the councilman have in his possession?  Could he have been charged with Intent to Distribute?

At the very least a reprimand from the Chief of the Detroit Police Department,  James Craig, should be forthcoming to the supervising officer who issued the ticket and let George Cushingberry Jr. go on his way.  Cushingberry is an elected official who is expected to uphold the laws of the State of Michigan and the U.S.  Are we going to just give him a pass on this ‘mistake’ as well?  It seems he is racking up the negative points with the public in a very fast manner since being seated at the Council table only four days ago.

Council member Saunteel Jenkins said if the allegations are true, they are unfortunate.  No Councilwoman, if the allegations are true, then George Cushingberry Jr. needs to be charged as such and calls for his immediate resignation need to start right now !

Detroit Police officials have launched an investigation.

We decided to share this article with the Councilman on his Facebook page.  This is the response that he gave us:

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Cushingberry ticketed after pot, intoxicants found in car