George Cushingberry Is A Victim

DETROIT, MI – Unless your head has been buried in a snow bank for the past George Cushingberry-1week, you are all to aware of the scandal that is erupting around the Detroit City Council’s new elected President pro tem George Cushingberry.  Poor George has tried hard to explain away what is becoming the early hot button issue for Detroit of 2014.

On Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 when the editorial was posted to the Detroit News website entitled ‘City Council is off to a bad start’.  Cushingberry became a victim of the comment that was posted in the comments section of the article either in his own words or on his behalf by his ‘unpaid assistant’.  There have been at least 370 comments to that editorial and his commentary.  Those comments range from outright disbelief to anger to even a few supporters that came to his defense.

The evening of January 7th didn’t turn out much better for poor George since he was stopped by two Detroit Police Officers.  George’s eyesight must be failing him since he cannot tell the racial makeup of either officer.  By Cushingberry’s accounts, the officers were white as snowflakes.  But it seems that one was African-American and the other was Non-European.  More than likely Latin decent but who could tell in the dark right?  We also must remember too that the Supervising Officer who was notified that a public official had been stopped was also African-American.

Today WDIV went digging and found out that Cushingberry does not have a valid drivers license because he owes major money to the City of Detroit for unpaid parking tickets.  When he was given just a ticket for his curious joy ride on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014, George should have been ticketed for that along with being arrested.  George is a victim of his own misguided entitlement.

All depending on which account you believe, either George’s, the media and some of the DPD’s Chief Craig, there was a liquor bottle that did or did not have liquor in it in the old Buick that Cushingberry drives around. And the possibility of pot being smoked in the car is also in question. posted on George’s Facebook page when the story broke about his vehicle being stopped ‘How Is This Going To Play Out Councilman?’.

The response that we got was jaw dropping for an elected official:

We decided to share this article with the Councilman on his Facebook page.  This is the response that he gave us:

It was revealed by Cushingberry’s unpaid assistant that he was responsible for the responses that were being posted to Facebook.  George again is a victim of his unpaid assistant posting comments while high.

George, Detroit deserves better.  The distractions that you have created in an extremely short time of being seated at the council table is nothing short of self centered because you have been proven to be a liar, a tax cheat, you owe by your own words over $300,000 from various issues in your life.  You cannot be trusted with the finances of Detroit once they are turned back over after Detroit exits from bankruptcy.

The old mentality of ‘do what you want in Detroit and get away with it’ is over.  Claiming ‘racial profiling’ is a direct slap to every African-American resident in the City of Detroit.  Driving around without a valid drivers license again smacks of entitlement which you nor anyone else has the right to do when the rest of us work to do right.  Is it any wonder that insurance companies require higher premiums for residents of Detroit when someone like you refuses to pay parking tickets and has his license revoked by the State but yet you think or feel its your right and its OK to get behind the wheel? You have not learned those lessons of life.  Have at least a modicum of self respect.

We call on you to immediately resign from the Detroit City Council.

Understand that if you do not voluntarily remove yourself, a grass roots campaign to have you removed will commence.  Pleas to Kevin Orr, who does have the authority to remove you, will be made very aware that the citizens of Detroit do not need nor want you any further as an elected official representing them.  If Mr. Orr decides that he will not wade into the issue, then the next step is taking the problem to Lansing to Gov. Snyder’s office.  Its time to go.