The Duggan Express Has Left The Station

DETROIT, MI – It has been extremely interesting to read all of the positive comments regarding Mayor Mike Duggan’s announcement on property tax assessments being lowered.  Prior to the actual announcement, many had already expressed their happiness and excitement of what they knew was coming.  It has been an extremely long time in reading over comments that 98% of the commentary towards a Detroit Mayor was positive.  There is hope and it is alive within Detroit.

Though the 5-20% lowering on the assessments city wide is probably less than what was anticipated, Duggan did say that within the next 3 years the problem of being over taxed would be addressed for the entire city.

Two things that Detroiter’s want: Lower Tax Assessments on their property and for Duggan to address the problem of such high rates for car insurance for residents within the city.

Obviously the tax assessment issues are being addressed.  It is with anticipation and hope that Mayor Duggan can also gain extensive ground with the car insurance problem that has plagued Detroit residents for many years.  No word has been mentioned if the Duggan administration will attempt to attack this problem.  There are four things that go hand in hand in Detroit concerning auto insurance.

  • Car Jackings
  • Plain Auto Theft
  • Chop Shops
  • Individuals driving with no license, registration or insurance

Each one of these points back to needing more police/detectives on the streets of Detroit.  Vehicular car jacking is inherently violent.  It is the forceful loss, many times at gun point, of someone having to give up control of their auto to the hands of reckless thugs.

Yes Detroit in known as the Motor City.  Plain auto theft is nothing new in the city.  It happens every day.  Many times a day.  How often have we heard of prominent people having their vehicles stolen?  Countless.  It is not only the noteworthy that lose their cars to thieves.  Plain, every days folks do too.

Chop shops are big business.  Some people are car jacked and their autos are driven straight to the chop shop never to be seen again.  The same goes with plain auto theft.  Some vehicle parts are worth more than the car as a whole.  Though that thought may be hard to comprehend, it is very real.

Then last but not least there are those who drive around the city putting the rest of the law abiding at great risk because they have no legal license, no insurance and the vehicle is not legally registered with the State of Michigan.  The upsetting part to that is that so many of those putting us at risk feel entitled, think its funny, know that currently not much will be done to them if they are caught.  Maybe the car that they are driving when they are pulled over will be towed.  No matter.  They will go out, steal another and start the process all over again.

Mayor Duggan is very early into his term.  We have to give him time to get the Duggan Express rolling full steam down the tracks.  But it looks like he is on to something.