Fix The Roads Already !

Published on: Feb 22, 2014 @ 12:46

LANSING, MI – So here we are literally in the middle of the winter of pothole2013/2014.  Its February and the streets, main roads and highways of Michigan are crumbling.  After many years of neglect from inadequate funding to maintain them, we as drivers are feeling those years more than ever when it comes to the wear and tear on our cars. It is already estimated that every car on Michigan roads and streets will have to spend no less than $586 in repairs because of the horrible streets and highways that we are required to drive on to get anywhere.

It is not just the big cities like Detroit, Grand Rapids or Flint that are seeing the effects.  Small towns as well are having to deal with the same issues.  Just this past week we saw as a dozen automobiles hit a massive pothole at the I-94 and the I-75 interchange.  Some drivers were able to change their flat tires and continue on to their destination.  Others had to have tow trucks called in because the damage to their cars were more extensive.  Some residents have even tried to bill the State of Michigan for the repairs.  Some have even taken to Twitter under #potholes to vent.  Call it the ‘Swerve Game’.

A portion of Greenfield Road in Southfield is so bad that Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence, supported by the City Council, recently urged shutting it down.  However, since Oakland County is responsible for its maintenance, the Oakland County Road Commission stated there’s no way they will close the road because it is a main artery.  The Road Commission will continue to patch it until spring when that section of road is slated to be replaced.

A report citing U.S. Census Bureau data, Michigan ranks last in spending per capita on its roads.  Michigan touts itself as the auto capital of the world because the headquarters to the Big 3 auto makers are in Detroit.  If Michigan is so proud of that fact, then it should reflect in our roads as well.   Gov. Rick Snyder and the elected officials have been working to turn Michigan’s economy around.  Yes they have had success in various areas.  It should be a no brainer that its take good, passable roads and highways for new business to even consider locating to the state.

Instead of giving Michigan residents $100 each in tax relief, the State of Michigan needs to use those dollars to fix the roads.  Its not rocket science.  Michigan residents want quality roads that do not swallow and damage their cars.  Do the right thing Lansing !