5 People Arrested For Death Threat to Detroit Police Chief

DETROIT, MI – Word has been given that 5 people have been arrested in Chief James Craigconnection with the death threat that was made concerning Detroit Police Chief James Craig.  At least one of those suspects is as far away as California.

The death threat was discovered on Friday, February 14th, 2014 on the internet.  Once the threat was deemed credible, a multiforce operation was launched to track down those individuals.  FBI, Michigan State Police and local police have been involved from the very beginning.

Police believe the individual(s) who made the threat could be in a gang and/or part of a large narcotics network.  Chief Craig has stated that he believes that since taking control of the Detroit Police Department and making it a priority to raid  multiple places each week, it is having a dramatic effect on drug pushers in the city.  The Detroit Police, FBI, Michigan State Police and other agencies have also been involved recently in several high profile raids at some of the most notoriously crime ridden addresses throughout the city.  More are slated in the very near future.

The investigation into the threats to Chief Craig continues.


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