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Woman Scams People In Bay City & Saginaw

03/24/2014 – Here is the latest update.  Click on this link:  Rehab to Idaho for Shakeyra Kohler & Kyle Kohlhoff

UPDATE:  03/01/2014 11:49PM just received a tip that she was seen in Bay City today by Walmart and a family bought groceries for her and then took her home with them.  We have also been told that she was ticketed by police within the past 24 hours.

BAY CITY, MI – There are many good people with big hearts wanting to help those truly in need.  However, one woman in the Bay City and Saginaw areas may not need the help that she has been seeking from others.  Claire is doing her best to let everyone know in Scam ArtistBay City & Saginaw that this individual is possibly running a scam.  A search on Facebook has discovered this person’s name is Shakeyra Kohler.

Kohler is from Idaho Falls, Idaho and currently resides in the National City, Michigan area which would explain why she has easy access to Bay City and Saginaw.

Claire posted this to Facebook:

“There is this lady who stands all over the place In Bay City and Saginaw and In the past 6 months I have seen her multiple times by the one ways in Bay City, standing outside of Walgreens. Begging for money.. My mom stopped to help her about 5 months ago, and she told her that her baby was In prenatal care and needed help because she had a 3 month old and she couldn’t afford to feed her and that her boyfriend brought her here from Idaho and left her here with nothing and she doesn’t know anyone.

I ended up calling the hotel she was staying at and asking and the whole thing was a lie there was a man she was staying with they had no kids she went as far as making a fake hospital bracelet.

And my mom Gave her $80 because she felt so bad. Turns out the next day I saw her again and she had 2 new tattoos and dyed her hair black. She’s truly a terrible person and I will do anything I can to stop people from helping her. A friend of mine posted this to a picture I posted on my wall.

“She’s always in my store buying junk food cigarettes and lottery tickets we kicked her off the lot for begging our customers with her fake as story. She was in the store using the phone the other day and I heard her asking whoever she was talking to to get her a ride to get some dope and she whipped out a wad of cash with at least $500”

Everyone please help me get the word out. She scammed my family and she will scam yours too!! She doesn’t deserve to have anything from anyone!!!”

A message sent to requested that Claires last name be removed because she is receiving threats of physical harm from Shakeyra Kohler. We have honored that request. Confirmation or denial of Claire’s assertions is not something that can be done at this time.

Others on Facebook have been commenting on their encounters with this person.  Not only is it reported that she has been seen in Bay City and Saginaw but others are reporting that they have witnessed her in Flint, Mt. Pleasant, Midland, West Branch, Tawas City and Oscoda.  Many cities, towns and villages in Michigan have ordinances prohibiting panhandling.  Check with your local jurisdiction to see if such laws exist.

Here are some of the comments that others have posted:

  • “That’s too bad, I helped her on Christmas Day because she needed rent money and couldn’t buy food or gifts for her baby girl. Really sad that someone can lie and take money like that, praying she gets help.”
  • Shakeyra Kohler, Your a fraud! That’s why you got ran out of Tawas and Oscoda…. You are not single and nobody left you.. Your baby’s daddy was up here as well with a sign saying he was a single father and begin for money…! I’m am glad however you left our area! Or was it because of all the people you screwed over?
  • “She definitely had me fooled Lydia Burke. I gave her the coat. She was playing it up like crazy. Crying praying the whole nine. She was freezing. Regardless of her situation she needed a coat. My 6 year old daughter was so upset to see her standing on the corner freezing. The coat was going to be donated anyways. She also asked me to pray for her and her children which I did. I will never give money. But I will give you food or something you may need. If you don’t take it because you want cash than your barking up the wrong tree cause you won’t get it from me. She obviously needs help. Maybe being locked up will help.”
  • “YES!!! This is the one that also is over at the corner of Bay & Tittabawassee by Payless. I stopped and talked to her – she told me her name is Shakira. My 5 year old spotted her and asked me what she was doing. Thought it was a good time to talk about helping others. She gave me a little different version of the story. Went to Meijer and bought a gift card. Went back – she wasn’t outside anymore but sitting in a car, in the McDonald’s parking lot, with her boyfriend, eating. then had a chat with my daughter about how some people just lie and take advantage. This lady sucks.”

Kohler has posted on Facebook that she is trying to get back to Idaho.  A check with Greyhound for a one way ticket from Bay City, MI to Idaho Falls, ID would be $411.25. One adult and one child.  Some have even posted that they are willing to ante up the money to get her on that bus.

It would appear that Ms. Kohler was arrested in Idaho 11 months ago for petty theft.  Information about that can be found on  Photos of Kohler on her Facebook page match the face on ID: 52817523

  • Arrest Age: 21
  • Booking Date: 3/30/2013 at 19:12
  • Custody Status: In
  • Address Given: IDAHOFALLS, ID


Agency Severity Charge Statute Court Date
Boise City Police M THEFT-PETIT I18-2403(1) {M} 4/1

Shakeyra Kohler is welcome to contact us with her side of the story.

Everyone should remember that there are local organizations that will assist those in actual need of assistance.  You can find links to such organizations here.  Giving someone money may not assist them but enable them to buy drugs among other things.  Caution is always best when contemplating such actions of giving cash.

If you have information that might be beneficial for others to know pertaining to this article or another tip, you can email that information to

Three groups who have assisted to spread the word about this individual are Wayne County Scanners – Detroit, MI, Flint Police Operations and Saginaw Police Operations.Thank you to these groups!

If you would like to join the conversation, you can find it on WNEMTV5news Facebook Page.

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