Stabbing Occurs at McDonald’s in Saginaw

Update to this story can be found here:

SAGINAW, MI – A stabbing took place this evening at the McDonald’s Restaurantstabbing located at 2745 Bay Road in Saginaw.  The incident occurred around 9PM.

An employee stated that a young man was attacked inside the restaurant by 3 others who ended up stabbing the victim.

The victim is a 21 year old Saginaw man.  He told police that he was being harassed by several other young guys inside of the restaurant.  A verbal exchange took place and then a fight broke out and that is when the victim was stabbed several times.  The wounds were not thought to be life threatening.  He was taken to a hospital in Saginaw for treatment.

The suspect was tracked down at his residence where he lives only a few blocks away from the restaurant.  He is also 21 years old.  He has since been taken into custody.The suspect just recently got out of jail for breaking into cars in Saginaw Township.

The young man’s father believes that his son will survive his injuries and will be alright.

We had incorrectly reported that the victim was an employee of McDonald’s.  We have since corrected that mistake in the article and apologize for that mistake.  We do our best to report information correctly.  If it is found that a mistake has been made, we will update the article accordingly as has been done here.

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