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Shakeyra’s Boyfriend Disrespects Our Veterans

03/24/2014 – Here is the latest update.  Click on this link:  Rehab to Idaho for Shakeyra Kohler & Kyle Kohlhoff

439p Shakeyra in bay city!
UPDATE: A very reliable source has requested that it be known that both Jeff Mahaffy and Kyle Kohlhoff have very violent tendencies. On Jeff Mahaffy’s Offender Tracking Status on MDOC Supervision Conditions it states ‘must complete mental health, DomViol/Batterer’ Do Not Attempt to Confront These Individuals !

BAY CITY, MI – Pull up your chair to the table of disrespect because we have heaping portions of it to serve up. A buffet as it is. Showing disrespect to your parents is bad enough but when you stoop so low for your next drug fix by throwing it on the backs of the men and women who have proudly served our country, it needs to be called out.

Shakeyra Kohler’s boyfriend, Jeff Mahaffy, was released from Tri-Cap less than 72 hours ago. Today he was spotted standing on the corner of Bay & Davenport in Saginaw at 4:10 PM with a sign that reads “Iraq Vet Down and Out God Bless”. Outrage and sheer disgust are well deserved here.

During our investigation and from the incredible and wonderful help from those who have been following this very sad saga, they have emailed, sent texts, phoned in tips like none other before.

Drug addiction is an evil monster. It can take someone who is alive and productive member of society and turn them into a desperate being that even their own families do not recognize. Unfortunately that is the case with 22 year old Shakeyra Kohler and her 26 year old boyfriend Jeff Mahaffy. The lies, cheating, stealing and absolute mayhem that these two and their friend 29 year old Kyle Kohloffcontinue to thrust on their friends, families and even the public is despicable.

While Jeff Mahaffy was staying with his father in northern MI, he stole pain medication, money from his own Dad and even was the cause of a painful breakup of a thriving relationship. All for the love and need of his fix for drugs. Jeff continues to be a selfish person by standing on the public street corners holding up a sign that is a slap in the face of every service member dead or alive.

Since his release from Tri-Cap, Jeff has been in contact with his father begging for money. Telling his father that he and Shakeyra were not together and that he was done with her. Mr. Mahaffy is partially disabled and can directly attribute some of his current physical ills to his drug addicted son.

While Jeff was in Saginaw with his sign, Shakeyra was spotted at 4:39 PM in Bay City today with her sign. Shakeyra was supposed to have checked into court ordered drug rehab at Sacred Heart in Memphis, MI yesterday, 03/05/2014, by 1PM. It was on Tuesday that Shakeyra was given a ride to Tri-Cap to pickup Jeff.

Upon returning to the residence where Kyle and Shakeyra had been hold up with a long time friend of Kyle Kohlhoff’s, the friend discovered that her pain medication had been stolen. She called the cops and had them forcefully removed from her home. The resident, fearing for her own safety and the possibility of retaliation, did not tell the police who and what Kyle and Shakeyra were all about. However, from all accounts, Kyle and Shakeyra told the cops some major lies about the victim before being escorted away.

Based on the following information, an investigation was launched to determine how credible the tip was: “Shakeyra Kohler has been forcing her way in to living at my house for the past week. I know everything, the real truth that’s been going on especially since news had gotten out about her scam she is not the only one behind it. And he (Kyle Kohlhoff) has also been staying with me . Forcefully and against my wishes.

Kyle Kohlhoff

Kyle Kohlhoff

I also heard everything she told her mother which included many lies. Also a man who (I have his name and phone # ) talked to her and is trying to defend her to the media because all she did was lie to him. I was in the room when she was talking to him. Anyways I have so much information on her and her scam buddy kyle kohlhoff. They had to be escorted out of my house by the police yesterday because they stole prescription medication from me. Nice huh? They live in my house without my wanting them to, using my car without my permission (using it to drive to Saginaw to buy they’re drugs).. the public needs and deserves to know just how horrible these 2 people are. Kyle is no better then shakeyra in fact he’s worse. . Much worse. Even forces her to go out and hold a sign so that she can support BOTH of there drug habits. . There’s more and I want the real truth to get out about them and also what they did to me.” has received a tip that Shakeyra was driving a blue or black car. Shakeyra Kohler has no state ID or drivers license. She should not be behind the wheel of a car what so ever. Shakeyra and Kyle have been staying in the vicinity of Walmart in Bay City but have been commuting to Saginaw to get their score of drugs.

During our investigation, we have come to learn that Shakeyra Kohler is 3 months pregnant with yet another child. Shakeyra has been on a steady binge of crack, pain meds and Heroin all while pregnant. Because she does not care about herself and she too is so self absorbed, she is committing Child Abuse on her unborn baby by consuming illegal narcotics. It was with immense sadness that both Jeff Mahaffy’s family and Shakeyra’s found out through our investigation that she is once again pregnant.


Jeff Mahaffy

For those who have been following this story from the beginning, she and Jeff Mahaffy already have had their 2 children removed from their custody by DCFS and placed in foster care. Now a 3rd is on its way. It is our understanding that Child Protective Service was unaware that Shakeyra was indeed pregnant until started digging into these three and CPS was tipped off to the fact. Click on Jeff Mahaffy’s mugshot which will take you to his offender status or click on this link:

For 3 months Shakeyra has been standing on street corners, in front of places of business with a sign and a mouth full of lies and deceit to support not only her drug habit but Kyle Kohlhoff’s as well. Kyle is not employed. He too is homeless. While Jeff Mahaffy was stuck in Tri-Cap, Kyle and Shakeyra have had to bounce from place to place. dive to dive. Kyle Kohlhoff is not such an upstanding guy either.

Kyle stole jewelry from a ‘friends’ mother. This friend has known Kyle since high school. He knows he could con and manipulate this girl because even she admits and is aware that she is vulnerable to his ways. This girl is now on probation because of Kohlhoff stealing her mother’s jewelry and putting the whole incident on her shoulders. He admitted no part in the theft what so ever.

Even now when he is down and out he will call her for a favor of help. After being forcefully removed by the police from this girls house, Kohlhoff has nerve enough to call her and ask if she would come and pick he and Shakeyra up. Where were they wanting to go? Saginaw to score more drugs. They needed a ride from Bay City to Saginaw and back and had no way of getting the round trip done.

Once the photos of Jeff Mahaffy surfaced, it was well past time to make it known of what these three are up to. It is now up to the public to turn these 3 into authorities. The life of an unborn child is honestly at stake.

Please click on the Facebook button below to help get the word out on the streets about these 3 lowlifes. You can also copy and paste this link to Facebook to share this information:

Thank you to all those who contributed to this story. It could not have been written without your help.

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