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Shakeyra’s Boyfriend Disrespects Our Veterans

03/24/2014 – Here is the latest update.  Click on this link:  Rehab to Idaho for Shakeyra Kohler & Kyle Kohlhoff

439p Shakeyra in bay city!
UPDATE: A very reliable source has requested that it be known that both Jeff Mahaffy and Kyle Kohlhoff have very violent tendencies. On Jeff Mahaffy’s Offender Tracking Status on MDOC Supervision Conditions it states ‘must complete mental health, DomViol/Batterer’ Do Not Attempt to Confront These Individuals !

BAY CITY, MI – Pull up your chair to the table of disrespect because we have heaping portions of it to serve up. A buffet as it is. Showing disrespect to your parents is bad enough but when you stoop so low for your next drug fix by throwing it on the backs of the men and women who have proudly served our country, it needs to be called out.

Shakeyra Kohler’s boyfriend, Jeff Mahaffy, was released from Tri-Cap less than 72 hours ago. Today he was spotted standing on the corner of Bay & Davenport in Saginaw at 4:10 PM with a sign that reads “Iraq Vet Down and Out God Bless”. Outrage and sheer disgust are well deserved here.

During our investigation and from the incredible and wonderful help from those who have been following this very sad saga, they have emailed, sent texts, phoned in tips like none other before.

Drug addiction is an evil monster. It can take someone who is alive and productive member of society and turn them into a desperate being that even their own families do not recognize. Unfortunately that is the case with 22 year old Shakeyra Kohler and her 26 year old boyfriend Jeff Mahaffy. The lies, cheating, stealing and absolute mayhem that these two and their friend 29 year old Kyle Kohloffcontinue to thrust on their friends, families and even the public is despicable.

While Jeff Mahaffy was staying with his father in northern MI, he stole pain medication, money from his own Dad and even was the cause of a painful breakup of a thriving relationship. All for the love and need of his fix for drugs. Jeff continues to be a selfish person by standing on the public street corners holding up a sign that is a slap in the face of every service member dead or alive.

Since his release from Tri-Cap, Jeff has been in contact with his father begging for money. Telling his father that he and Shakeyra were not together and that he was done with her. Mr. Mahaffy is partially disabled and can directly attribute some of his current physical ills to his drug addicted son.

While Jeff was in Saginaw with his sign, Shakeyra was spotted at 4:39 PM in Bay City today with her sign. Shakeyra was supposed to have checked into court ordered drug rehab at Sacred Heart in Memphis, MI yesterday, 03/05/2014, by 1PM. It was on Tuesday that Shakeyra was given a ride to Tri-Cap to pickup Jeff.

Upon returning to the residence where Kyle and Shakeyra had been hold up with a long time friend of Kyle Kohlhoff’s, the friend discovered that her pain medication had been stolen. She called the cops and had them forcefully removed from her home. The resident, fearing for her own safety and the possibility of retaliation, did not tell the police who and what Kyle and Shakeyra were all about. However, from all accounts, Kyle and Shakeyra told the cops some major lies about the victim before being escorted away.

Based on the following information, an investigation was launched to determine how credible the tip was: “Shakeyra Kohler has been forcing her way in to living at my house for the past week. I know everything, the real truth that’s been going on especially since news had gotten out about her scam she is not the only one behind it. And he (Kyle Kohlhoff) has also been staying with me . Forcefully and against my wishes.

Kyle Kohlhoff

Kyle Kohlhoff

I also heard everything she told her mother which included many lies. Also a man who (I have his name and phone # ) talked to her and is trying to defend her to the media because all she did was lie to him. I was in the room when she was talking to him. Anyways I have so much information on her and her scam buddy kyle kohlhoff. They had to be escorted out of my house by the police yesterday because they stole prescription medication from me. Nice huh? They live in my house without my wanting them to, using my car without my permission (using it to drive to Saginaw to buy they’re drugs).. the public needs and deserves to know just how horrible these 2 people are. Kyle is no better then shakeyra in fact he’s worse. . Much worse. Even forces her to go out and hold a sign so that she can support BOTH of there drug habits. . There’s more and I want the real truth to get out about them and also what they did to me.” has received a tip that Shakeyra was driving a blue or black car. Shakeyra Kohler has no state ID or drivers license. She should not be behind the wheel of a car what so ever. Shakeyra and Kyle have been staying in the vicinity of Walmart in Bay City but have been commuting to Saginaw to get their score of drugs.

During our investigation, we have come to learn that Shakeyra Kohler is 3 months pregnant with yet another child. Shakeyra has been on a steady binge of crack, pain meds and Heroin all while pregnant. Because she does not care about herself and she too is so self absorbed, she is committing Child Abuse on her unborn baby by consuming illegal narcotics. It was with immense sadness that both Jeff Mahaffy’s family and Shakeyra’s found out through our investigation that she is once again pregnant.


Jeff Mahaffy

For those who have been following this story from the beginning, she and Jeff Mahaffy already have had their 2 children removed from their custody by DCFS and placed in foster care. Now a 3rd is on its way. It is our understanding that Child Protective Service was unaware that Shakeyra was indeed pregnant until started digging into these three and CPS was tipped off to the fact. Click on Jeff Mahaffy’s mugshot which will take you to his offender status or click on this link:

For 3 months Shakeyra has been standing on street corners, in front of places of business with a sign and a mouth full of lies and deceit to support not only her drug habit but Kyle Kohlhoff’s as well. Kyle is not employed. He too is homeless. While Jeff Mahaffy was stuck in Tri-Cap, Kyle and Shakeyra have had to bounce from place to place. dive to dive. Kyle Kohlhoff is not such an upstanding guy either.

Kyle stole jewelry from a ‘friends’ mother. This friend has known Kyle since high school. He knows he could con and manipulate this girl because even she admits and is aware that she is vulnerable to his ways. This girl is now on probation because of Kohlhoff stealing her mother’s jewelry and putting the whole incident on her shoulders. He admitted no part in the theft what so ever.

Even now when he is down and out he will call her for a favor of help. After being forcefully removed by the police from this girls house, Kohlhoff has nerve enough to call her and ask if she would come and pick he and Shakeyra up. Where were they wanting to go? Saginaw to score more drugs. They needed a ride from Bay City to Saginaw and back and had no way of getting the round trip done.

Once the photos of Jeff Mahaffy surfaced, it was well past time to make it known of what these three are up to. It is now up to the public to turn these 3 into authorities. The life of an unborn child is honestly at stake.

Please click on the Facebook button below to help get the word out on the streets about these 3 lowlifes. You can also copy and paste this link to Facebook to share this information:

Thank you to all those who contributed to this story. It could not have been written without your help.

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  1. Jordan, im a friend from home to shakeyra. .this is a horrible situation and unfortunately that man jeff has been shakeyras boy friend for 7 years now.. so unfortunately brian is right.. and you dear are wrong.

  2. If you take the time to go back to the other articles that were written and read through the comments you will note…if she gets hurt…it will be her doing. Running through traffic at a busy intersection screaming at people, throwing chunks of snow and ice at cars because the would not roll their windows down and hand out cash??…..

  3. Brian L. Thompson Thank you. I feel as though it's something that's not only needed but something that hasn't been done. The only thing I hope that comes out of it is that other people are inspired to do good deeds as well. It may only be a small step but even a pebble makes ripples in the pond.

    Thanks again!

  4. That's so damn disrespectful….People like this make me sick. I've never served, but have the utmost Respect for our Military… Thanks to all who have served & to those who still are.

  5. Jordan Arnold I wish you well on your endeavor on the positive news site. Its not easy to get something on the internet off the ground and get people to see the good, bad or even the ugly.

  6. Brian L. Thompson Thanks for the information. I'll be sure to read up on the past articles. I've just seen so many news stories like this and it seems that there's less and less good news, if you know what I mean. I lived in Michigan my entire life up until a few years ago and, from what I hear, it's just getting worse.

    I'm in the process of creating a positive News Site since we seem to lack that in today's headlines. I feel sorry for the people that were duped but people also have to understand that this is most definitely not the only time this has happened, it's just that this person got caught.

    Everyone should remember that when anyone is asking you for money, instead of giving them cash, give them the items they say they are needing. If we do this, we will see less and less of these cheats and more good brought to people who truly need it.

  7. I felt so bad for this "man" I almost offered him a job… Now I know why my gut said no…. Very disappointing. I hope him and his "friends" find their way…

  8. Jordan Arnold If you follow this story from the beginning (there have been 3 articles written to date), you will see that it started out with one persons outrage that her family member had been 'scammed' into giving money to a drug addicted mother standing on a street corner with a sign and a mouth full of lies.

    From that article many stepped forward with very interesting encounters with Shakeyra. The lies of her child being in the hospital in Neonatal Care, her children are hungry, she is $64 short on her rent were uncovered. Those who helped her felt duped and for good reason.

    She is drug addicted, her children are in foster care, she, her boyfriend and other friend Kyle are thieves. And the story evolves from there. The public and the very loyal people who have been reading these articles became emotionally and sometimes personally invested in a hopeful and positive outcome. Thats why its news.

  9. Thank you for putting this out there. I was just wondering today about these ppl that stand out there holding these signs. If they were really down and out, theirs help from the VA. How dare they use the military as a scapegoat for their drug habits!!

  10. To make it more clear, we need less News about these idiots (although I'm glad they are bringing awareness about these people) and more news about the people that DID give them money. We live in a world where it's "Rape, Robberies and Murder and now onto the weather." We need to show more positive things instead of all this bad news and…don't even get me started on some of the T.V shows we have right now. =/

  11. at least ask them military questions ben Schneider. I served for 9 years in the army and theres questions you can ask that will let you no if he is a true vet. ask for i.d also.

  12. both of them were at the walmart in baycity 2 days ago. I told her to keep the f away from us and get a life.

  13. I saw him on the corner of Euclid & Wilder in front of Applebee's at about 12:30 today.

  14. Thank you for your service, I want to go stand next to him with a sign calling him out and see how many people would donate money to me instead! I'd give the money to the people who have actually served this country! You all are amazing!! Thank you again for your service!

  15. To all that have actually served thank you for your service! This truly makes me sick, I want to go stand next to him with a sign saying " he is a liar and using the money for drugs" and if anyone donates money ill give to to the real people who have served! Absolutely unbelievable!!

  16. A friend of mine just seen him on his normal corner in Saginaw. She called the police. Sooner or later something needs to be done about these two.

  17. Karen O'Farrell Tumblin Am holding off on publishing that. We do know that the 3 of them check several times a day to see if anything new has come out about them on They have cell phones with internet access. So it best not to let that information out at this time.

  18. I offered for him to come put in a application at the company that I work for as General Manager and I would immediately review it. He never showed up to do so.

  19. Even his family verified it was the same person. People in Idaho verified its the same guy. So yes we really do check before we blow apart someones reputation.

  20. Did You ever think he is holding the sign because he respects you guys and knows it will get him a just a little respect as well? (and drug money). He is holding it because he needs you. stop and think a second…

  21. Corey Malone and Ben Schneider: Listen Brothers, I feel what you feel, but I am afraid Kevin Westendorf has some kind of point, here. We need to police up our brothers and sisters when they need policing. Give them a hand, when they are down. That doesn't mean wasting your money on them giving hand-outs; but lead them in the right direction. If it comes out this dirtbag isn't truly kin to us, then our professionalism, and honor, dictates that we walk away, without conflict.

    Now, should that conflict be started by the person in question, and become unavoidable, then the training kicks in we handle it. Roger?

  22. She wasnt a war veteran with a good family of support behind her either (the person they lived with) She was letting homeless folks live with her and drive her car. Doesnt sound like she was to much of a help.
    I just thought we need to check ourselves a tad instead of pointing our "violence at him".
    But your right…. beating him over the head will definitely fix it.

  23. I just read this story and found that there are 3 of them scamming from people and the police are involved and they want everyone to be aware of them.

  24. He has a sickness alright, he is a criminal / drug addict who uses the sacrifices of others for his own personal gain. I'll be the first to help somebody in need, but I'll also be the first to call somebody of this caliber (and his trashy woman) out for their choices or actions. It sounds like the last person to try and help this couple got robbed blind in return.

  25. Brian. It's none of these. They have been there for 6 plus years. Three older men two white one black. If shakeyra comes into Clare at all I will report it. Hoping she gets the help she needs before it's too late.

  26. why dont all you Military families and members try to HELP the guy and make him a better AMERICAN citizen?…. instead of "running and spearing him" or beating him up like you say above? You all look like a bunch of eleventeen year olds cheering for the bully on the playground. Come on. We all know you are better than this.

    Isnt he who you fought for? He has a sickness… and Im sure that when you were risking your lives, you were fighting for the sick Americans as well? Right? Because If you were only fighting for the "good healthy people" thats almost as messed up as what "he is doing to you" with this sign.

    I dont get the Military sometimes…. Some of you claim to be so righteous, but when you have a chance to make a small difference here at home, you go to "im gonna stab that guy" That is just so sad.

    Im all about the Military… but this is the second time someone "from the street" has tried to "imitate a soldier" to get food and drugs in Saginaw. Both times Military folk were threatening to harm and beat them.

    I thought you were supposed to be "model" citizens that know and understand the value of life more than the rest of us? Now please act like it. Why not stop and offer to talk with the guy about what he is doing with the sign?

    The guy is down and needs a medic…. HELP em. Dont "spear him"…. Maybe if he pulls a gun or tries to harm you… then you can go into "kill mode". Until then, lets try to raise him up and not beat him down any farther than he is.


  27. Lisa Majdecki That is more than likely one of these 3. Thats the area they stay in. As a matter of fact they got a room the other night at the Fairfield Inn and trashed it.

  28. I feel the same way as well their is another guy named Kevin who claims to be a vet but he is not he stand on wilder rd and on state street the guy has mental problems and beggs for money so he can buy drugs it is not right to all of our fellow vet who serve this country and serve it well for these kind of guys that do that.

  29. There's a few different ones also that holds a vet sign by Fairfield inn. None of which are vets!

  30. Danielle Schneider I have come across some true Vets honestly down and out because of circumstances in their lives. I will gladly offer a hand up to them. It is those who purport to be a Veteran that grate me the wrong way such as the guy in this article.

  31. I never give money. Just snacks and a drink or something. In my opinion, war vets -although greatly mistreated by our society and left to suffer with wounds- have too much honor to beg on the street corner. I have yet to come across a real vet begging for help, just imposters looking for a handout.

  32. ben thank you for your service to keep our freedom .And i feel the same as you do if i see him or her again i will rip that sign out of their hand and call 911 and let them watch me tear it up

  33. Mary, She is consuming pain pills, crack and Heroin all while being 3 months pregnant. That unborn child is being abused before it has taken its first breath of life. Someone needed to speak up about this !

  34. Hes the guy who was on the corner by your house? I gave him a granola bar the other day.

  35. This girl has been on the streets for years now the more I read the comments your the one that post this I get you only want to help your going to get her hurt

  36. There will be trouble !!! I have a duty and responsability as a mother to protect and take care of my children and thats what I will do and NOTHING less!!!

  37. I have been following this story for awhile now and these scumbags have been seen all over the place but never arrested!! I go to bay city ALOT and work in an area that she has been seen it just worries me because I know people with addictions will stop at nothing to get there next fix and I promise
    you this if I'm ever in her area and she approches my car

  38. Andrew Nuerminger, then you should stand up and fake rip your shirt while leaning back and throwing one leg in the air… while giving a a big old fashioned "whooooooa, ric flair" i usually don't condone these acts, but in this case, i would have to say that i would video tape it for my amusement.

  39. They are very good lairs i was going to find a place for them to stay they said they had 1 little girl and one one the way about 8 months ago …..Some thing needs to be done by the police about this….

  40. This story is so sad and so close to home. I couldnt imagine losing my children!! Id lose my mind but the question i have is….if people have spotted these scumbags then why in the hell havent the police found them?

  41. She should be forst to get her tubes tired so she can't continue to have children that have to suffer for her actions. There's so many people like my husband and myself that would love nothing more to have another child and are unable to. Then the ones that can't take care of a child can continue to have them one after another. It makes me feel I'll to my stomach and heat. Also does anyone no who the dad is of this baby? Come on her man had been locked up for a bit, and now she's haveing another baby. Common sense ifs of she a drugged out everyday and alone with Kyle I'm sure they have sleep together. A crack hore will do anything for a fix, even trick herself out. I hope CPS is sitting at the hospital when she has the baby and takes out right away. They should put her under and do a C-section so she wakes up and never gets to see the baby. I don't like any thing there doing, actually it really pisses me of I hope I never seer her on the streets again. I seen her right after she had her second baby, she was standing on the corner by my house holding a sign that said(Songs mother of two needs help feeding my children). Of course she got one over on me I got her a pizza from Little Caesar's and some pop, and juice and dropped her back off a plans hotel in Bay City. She'll never get over on me again. When I seer her again I have a few things to say to her. Well some day justice will be served and they will get punish the way needed. If I was the authority and was unable to get her before she had this baby, I would take her from the hospital after giving birth, and lock her ass up so she can think about that baby, and think about everything else she had been doing. I will be so happy the day we get these three monsters off the streets.

  42. I gave him money too, i hope its not true but if it is our gifts were made out of compassion, so they were real whether he is or not. I still feel good about it because i did it from my heart and the Lord knows my objective.

  43. I should act like im out going for a jog and at the last second get a full head of steam and spear his ass

  44. I am an Iraq war veteran and I live directly across the street from where this man stands and begs for money everyday. I have personally given him more than 100 dollars.

    I swear on my life that this is not a lie. If I see this parasite outside of my bedroom window again there is going to be a serious problem between he and I.

  45. It is so family is military and I take offense to this myself….not..right!! And I do not blame you at all if you did just that too!

  46. yes she was..that is the pic above of her. They are staying in a place reallly close to where you saw her.

  47. I seen her standing on the corner of state n wilder today holding her sign, crying. I feel no pitty for her but feel so bad for that unborn baby shes carrying!!!! Something needs to be done about this situation ASAP!!!!

  48. This is very upsetting! It is time for these scammers to face criminal charges for what they are doing and to be taken off the streets. Even after all she had done to others, I prayed that maybe Shakeyra could get the help she desperately needs. But to find out she is 3 months pregnant and doing these drugs crushes my heart. I would give anything to have a baby to hold in my arms right now, but after trying for almost 9 yrs I haven't been able to get pregnant. Now this innocent baby, if it survives, will suffer for the rest of it's life because of her selfishness. I am glad her other 2 girls are with a loving family and out of harm's way.

  49. Why is it that the police keep letting her go? What's the point if they're going to be right back at it the next week and if not here then some where else.

  50. I would love to take her baby and give it a good home. After losing 2 children I couldn't imagine doing anything that would cause harm to an unborn child.

  51. Now that these two have been figured out, I wonder how much shit gets whipped at them by cars passing by? Lol

  52. Authorities are involved because of the various factors concerning this situation

  53. All her friends that talked trash about all of us here. Now maybe you will listen. These 3 are on there way to being seriously hurt. They know they are all over the internet yet keep doing it. Not to bright folks!! Karma is a bitch!!

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