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Valero Shoplifter ID’d, Yet Another Spotted on Camera

LEXINGTON, MI – The Valero also known as ‘Cal’s Party Store’ or ‘The Party shop lifterStore’ has been able to get a positive ID on the shoplifter that they had been seeking.

This message was posted to their Facebook page:

  • Just heard that we’ve identified our shoplifting suspect. Many thanks to everyone who passed on the video clip, photo and just word in general that we were searching for this guy. This is what we most appreciate about living in this area – how everyone kicks in and helps out when necessary. We will be following up on the matter and will be pressing charges as appropriate – just as we will with *EVERY* shoplifter that is caught in our establishment.

    Thanks! C~

But 30 minutes after posting that message, another shoplifter was spotted on camera.  This establishment is serious about catching and prosecuting those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law by taking what they do not pay for.

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