Shinola Clock in Midtown Tagged with Graffiti

DETROIT, MI – On Friday, March 7th, 2014,  Detroit-based watchmaker Shinola Clock DetroitShinola unveiled 4 new monument clocks within the City of Detroit.  Later that evening someone defaced the one in Midtown by tagging the base with graffiti.  The Midtown clock is located at Cass and Canfield.

Shinola donated the large timepieces to the city and the residents of Detroit.  They are located at Cobo Center, Eastern Market, The College for Creative Studies and in Midtown Detroit.

As an emblem of our appreciation, we’ve created and installed Shinola City Clocks in four landmark locations throughout the city.

So many over the years have complained that nothing good happens in Detroit.  When good does happen, there are those that will do as they wish to immediately tarnish the good deed and the image of Detroit time and time again.  Such actions are no longer acceptable and will not be tolerated.  This is not a them vs. us situation any longer.  Everyone – residents, nonresidents, visitors must start respecting each other and what is being put in place for all to enjoy.

Though it has already been cleaned off and the based restored, it again shows that the gutter mentality and actions of some will be hard to break as the rebirth of Detroit marches forward.

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