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Progress on Scrap Yard Bill

LANSING, MI – Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan along with State Senator Mike copper wireKowall of White Lake appear to have what they had been hoping for in legislation that will hopefully curb the illegal scrapping of houses and buildings. A panel has approved House Bills 4593 and 4595, sponsored by Republican Rep. Paul Muxlow of Brown City and Democratic Sen. Jim Ananich of Flint.

State Senator Mike Kowall (R) has stated that an agreement has been reached between committee members prohibiting the immediate payment for scrap items of air conditioning units, copper wiring and catalytic converters.

State Representative Rashida H. Tlaib who represents southwest Detroit has worked for more than two years with colleagues, state and local police, and people from the scrap metal industry to create reasonable regulations to block the market for stolen scrap metal. Her efforts appear to be paying off.

Requirements of this legislation are that money will be sent by mailed check to an address that must match the persons identification. A 3 day waiting period will be instituted before any checks will be sent out.

The other option is a  wire transfer instead of having to mail the payments to a physical address.

Recycling companies could also enter into an agreement with customers requiring them to return to the facility in three days to pick up payment. If the seller did not return within 30 days, the scrap metal dealer could keep the cash.

All other items will be given no more than $25 at time of purchase from a scrap yard.  All items sold to scrap yards will require a picture identification. Scrap yards will be required to input those selling scrap items into a database that police will be able to access.

These measures will put a major dent in those wanting to profit off of stripping houses and buildings of copper wiring and air conditioning units that are so commonly stolen.

The agreement must pass the Michigan House and Senate and could be presented to Governor Rick Snyder Friday.

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