The Modern Day Civil Rights Movement

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EDITORIAL – Today Judge Bernard Friedman ruled the constitutional marrige-equality-gay-rights-32899921-400-533amendment, passed by the voters in 2004, known as the Michigan Marriage Act, was unconstitutional because it denied gays and lesbians equal protection under the law.  It is a victory in the win column for Civil Rights because Gay Rights are part of Civil Rights.  It is against the United States Constitution and the laws of our land to go against or violate the rights of the people.

April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse are to be commended for standing up not only for the rights of their relationship but the rights of their children.  They are today’s Rosa Park’s in the State that we call Michigan.  They refused to be legalized as second class citizens because they are two women in a committed relationship who demanded what was right for them.  However, in doing so, they stood for every Gay man and woman in this state and we thank you for that.

What should be a victory all the way across the board in Civil Rights is not recognized as such by many in the black community.  The ban against Gay Marriage in Michigan was a violation of civil rights. For any African American to sit on a panel and say now that the rights of Gay men and women should not be recognized is disgusting. Did they not learn anything from the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s or are those rights just for them and not for all?

To make it worse yet is to discriminate by using the bible.  To say that God hates anything is wrong within itself.  If it can be shown on any page in the bible where it states that God hates anything, then please produce it.  It is not there.  We must also remember that the bible has been translated thousands upon thousands of times to fit those who are doing the translation but yet hold just enough of the meaning of the previous edit.  How can anyone be sure what the original bible told us?  It is impossible.  It is a book of stories.  That is not to say do not believe in God.  It is to say believe what is right and what is in your heart.

The God that we all should believe in does not hate anything.  The God that we should all know is loving beyond anything that man could ever comprehend.  Man is the one that has hate in his heart.  Not God.  God does not make mistakes.  Man is the one who makes mistakes but has the chance, such as today, to make it Right.  A Civil Right.

Brian L. Thompson

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2 Comments on "The Modern Day Civil Rights Movement"

  1. Rob there is a huge difference between what you say is a demonstration of hate and actually saying it outright. As for the translations of the bible, even you have pointed to the very fact that there is the Old Testament vs. the New Testament. We are in the year of 2014 after the death of Christ. Every type of religion has their own version of the bible which has been translated over and over again. That's just a plain fact. It also go to the point that one person can see something and they tell another, that person tells another and by the time it gets back to the original person who told of the fact, those facts are changed dramatically.

    So to say that the bible of today is almost exact of when it was written is of a person who needs to broaden the view of life.

  2. Brian, there are a couple of things that are just plain wrong in this article.
    1) You said that God doesn't hate anything. There are many verses in the Bible that demonstrate that God hates sin: Psalms 5:4-6, Leviticus 20:23, Amos 6:8 and there are many others.
    2) You mention that the Bible has been translated thousands of times. This would in fact be an issue if the current Bibles in use today were translated from a translation which were in turn translated from another translation, etc. However, scholars used the original texts (Hebrew for the Old Testament, Ancient Greek for the New Testament) for many of the translations that are in use today.
    God does hate sin but God does not hate people.