Rehab to Idaho for Shakeyra Kohler & Kyle Kohlhoff

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BAY CITY, MI – There have been so many strange parts to this whole story Shakeyra Kohlersince it captured our attention.  Most of the soap opera’s were taken off of day time television but this one would be one for the ages. So let’s catch up a little.

In the last article that was published on March 12th, 2014, we had left with soaring hopes that Shakeyra Kohler & Kyle Kohlhoff had entered rehab and that a chance was before them to get cleaned up.

Jeff Mahaffy had been released from jail and was once again in the midst of the public.  Unraveling the layers that continue to be the never ending chapters to these three almost takes a Shaman to make it understandable.

There are two children in foster care here in Michigan whose mother has made considerably bad decisions in her life with very little regard to the two little lives mowed down in the wake of it all.  Let’s add into that an unborn child that Shakeyra Kohler is currently carrying that we learned about a couple of weeks ago that has been subjected to Heroin, Crack and Pain Pills.  In the last article it was reported that Jeff Mahaffy was once again the Baby Daddy.  From tips that have been sent in it would seem we need to scratch Jeff’s name and insert Kyle Kohlhoff as the New Baby Daddy.  But let’s add yet another child into this horrific mix.

From a tip that was sent today, Jeff has another child, in another state, by yet another woman who it is said is also another person addicted to drugs.  Estimates are that this child must be about 5 years old.  So if this is true, there are now 3 children and one unborn child who are enduring the antics of irresponsible adults.

As the few days passed and we had hoped that we could have put all of this to rest, more and more continued to come in.  Hard as it was to try and just let it be and ignore or try not to pay attention, the scales tipped.

The first major indication was when Kyle started posting once again to his personal Facebook account on March 18th, 2014 after he had reported to the world that he and Shakeyra were checking into rehab on the 12th of March. Well Waalaa ! In less than 6 days from him telling those paying attention that they were headed to rehab, he is posting to Facebook and has continued to do so since then.  Cleaned up and a miracle cure for someone who stated that their life was in a really bad place and now everything is sunshine and glory within a matter of days makes no sense.  The only real thing that has changed is geography.

Jeff Mahaffy, it would seem, is under the impression that these articles have been published for money and writer notoriety.  This could not be any further from the truth.  For the record:  No money has been made from reporting on wrongs that have been thrust upon the public and innocent children by Jeff, Kyle and Shakeyra.  No financial gain will ever be made on the ills of anyone who is physically and mentally ill from the consumption of illegal drugs in this column.  The second part of seeking writer notoriety is not a lime light that is personally needed nor necessary.  Myth debunked.

From all accounts, Jeff has been in contact with his father.  Concerns are that his father is not getting the truth that he so deserves.  There is no blame or fault that a father loves his son.  That is something that a true Dad does is to love their children even if that child has a problem in telling the truth.  The issues at hand are that Jeff’s Dad is getting sucked under the current again.  His health, wellness and financial being could well be under attack once again without him even realizing what is happening.  No one here wants that.

On March 21st, 2014 at about 11AM Shakeyra Kohler posted for the world to see that she and Kyle were on their way to Idaho.

Idaho here we come lol just left Saginaw me and Kyle way excited but nervous can’t wait to see you all I miss you guys be there Sunday ya

Shakeyra making reference to a very recent photo of one of the children that have been posted to Facebook posted this on March 22nd, 2014 to the comments section:

Aw her Dad is putting bill shit in her head what a punk…. Please oh god give me some strength I’m losing it

On March 21st, 2014 Kyle posted this:

This is honestly the first time in a long time I can say this and not be lieing about it…but I am truly happy with life right now and all that is coming with it… I’m ready for what ever is thrown my way

# Igotthis

Information came in today that Shakeyra may have been kicked out of rehab.  Note:  No confirmation of that is available at this time.  We need to take the tip as plausible and could be close to credible if she and Kyle were in fact in rehab.

With Shakeyra and Kyle now in Idaho, that leaves two little children in a legal limbo back in Michigan in foster care.  A check was also done on a status update to Kyle’s legal issues as of Friday March 21st, 2014.  This is what was found:

Offender Name: KYLE NORMAN KOHLHOFF Offender ID: 130850 Date of Birth: 10/25/1984 Age: 29 Race: White Gender: Male Custody Status: Out of Custody Date: 03/08/2014 Reason: Bonded out

So here are assumptions that can be made from all of this.  If Kyle is out on bond, he would have needed to get permission to leave the State of Michigan.  If no permission was obtained then he would be considered a fugitive from justice.

A court status update is scheduled for the children in foster care for the early part of April. With Shakeyra in Idaho, how does she plan to defend her actions to the courts?  Does this mean that she has abandoned her children here in Michigan because she left the state?

Any person with any compass of being a parent would not just haul off and leave their children in foster care in another state.  With that much distance between Idaho and Michigan how can one expect that she would take advantage of being able to visit with the children even if those visits are supervised?

There are way to many unanswered questions.  What will we hear of next?  Time will tell and it has already proven to do so.

Note:  We are republishing the original articles that had been taken out of public view because the only real thing that we know that has changed is the location of Kyle and Shakeyra.

If you have further information that could complete or add to this article or others that are available, please send that information to

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