Warrant for Anita Baker Dismissed

DETROIT, MI – The warrant that was issued for Anita Baker has been anita bakerdismissed today by a judge in Detroit this morning.

All of this stems for a second lawsuit that was filed against Baker from Ray Smith Painting and Decorating.  The claims are that Baker has failed to pay up and failed to appear in court, which is what led to the bench warrant being issued. Baker and the contractor got into a dispute over an additional $15,000, which resulted in a lawsuit in 2010.  Baker’s attorney claims that she was not aware that a second lawsuit had been filed after the  plaintiff decided to dismiss the first lawsuit, voluntarily on his own.  Baker’s attorney Jamal Hamood said. “Ms. Baker believed that the matter was over at that point.”

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Edward Ewell dismissed the warrant for singer-songwriter Anita Baker but the lawsuit over the money will continue at a hearing on April 4th, 2014.


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