Holly Area Schools Snow Day Make Up Announcement

HOLLY, MI – Holly Area Schools released its schedule for snow make up days Holly ASDwith the following announcement:

Holly Area Schools – Snow Day Make Up Announcement

As you know, this winter challenged Michigan residents with record snowfall and shivering wind chill temperatures. The extreme weather conditions caused broken water pipes and power outages resulting in cancellations at all Holly Area Schools beyond the six days allowed by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). Recent legislation (HB4295) establishes the minimum number of instructional hours and days each district must meet to maintain full school funding.

To meet the requirements of the new legislation, the Holly Area Schools calendar has been revised as follows for the 2013-14 school year:

Last Day of School
Wednesday, June 11 (half day):
? Holly Elementary
? Davisburg Elementary
? Patterson Elementary
? Rose Pioneer Elementary*
? Holly Middle School
*Note: Rose Pioneer missed two more days than the rest of the district due to a broken water pipe and must make up both days with at least 75% attendance to end school on June 11.

Thursday, June 12 (half day):
? Holly High School (half day final exams on June 11 and June 12)