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DETROIT, MI – When a family member or a friend goes missing it is hard toWvW00LaR know where to turn, who to trust or what steps should be taken to bring that person home to safety.  During the search for 2 people recently, an ugly tip was received that a ‘company’ was trying to cash in with a form of extortion and/or fraud on those who were missing.

In one particular case, a 13 year old girl vanished.  A side note must be inserted here about MIHeadlines involvement in that case.

An article was posted about the missing child.  Obviously the goal of reporting on those who are missing is to get the word out to the masses and bring the problem to a close as quickly as possible.  No thought or expectation of financial gain would ever be wanted, needed or ethical to say the least.  It is with humble gratitude that the resources are available to assist when they are most needed.  Each resource plays a large or small part but yet is vital to finding those missing individuals. will always, without hesitation, write up and publish an article as quickly as possible for those who go missing that are in Michigan.

When a person goes missing the situation is very fluid. One resource that can be very instrumental in bringing that missing person home is a well written, professional flyer. Truly good and talented people come out of nowhere to offer up help free of charge.  It can be both amazing and breathtaking to watch it all unfold.  Then you will have those who wish to prey on the terror and fears that come along with the lost.  One such entity bubbled to the top. has a slick looking website but we were encouraged to look beyond the gloss.  What came to light is nothing short of alarming.  After getting information that this entity was trying to strong arm money out of people, we went digging.  Here is what was learned.

The domain name was created on February 2nd, 2014 at 10:26:55 a.m. through the domain registration services provided by  That is now right at the two month mark.  Nothing illegal about registering this particular domain name but if we look closer there are problems with that registration.

Admin Name: KOMPASSIST Inc
Admin Organization: KOMPASSIST
Admin Street: Center cr.
Admin City: Omaha
Admin State/Province: Nebraska
Admin Postal Code: 68107
Admin Country: United States
Admin Phone: +1.8448435739
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax:
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email:
Registry Tech ID:

For the Admin Name it should have an actual, physical person’s name.  Not a company name.  Then when an Admin Street is required, no physical address is entered.  There is only a street name listed that does not exist in Omaha, Nebraska.

Whoever filled out the registration for did so illegally.  It states that Kompassist is incorporated.  A telephone call was placed to the Secretary of State in Nebraska just to make sure that during our search of their database that no corporation was registered in the State of Nebraska known as Kompassist, Inc.  That in itself is illegal in all 50 states.


This fund raising effort has been removed

Further evidence to back up the beliefs that those connected to Kompassist are not operating in good faith was also uncovered.

When ‘Sam Jones’ was told by a person who was trying to assist in locating the 13 year old girl that they were not interested in using Kompassist services and to take down any information that they had pertaining to the child, things turned dark.

Kompassist threatened legal action if the flyer continued to be used that they created.  They threatened legal action if their contract, copies of their emails, anything were released publicly. No contracts were signed binding anyone to confidentiality.

This person from Kompassist also claimed that they had called the Social Services Department in Michigan because Kompassist was claiming that the story continued to change in regards to the child. They continued with claims that calls were placed to police in Michigan to discuss circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the 13 year old girl.  Kompassist also threatened to go to the media and expose ‘lies’ which did not exist.  They tried to use intimidation, threats and bullying to get this person to do as they wanted and not what was right.10152129_10152301060442002_1780921529_o

Kompassist is also being accused of setting up a fake fund claiming it was for a baby whose mom was murdered but never told the family or gave them any of the funds.  It is also claimed that they did the very same type of thing in the death of Saginaw Spirit hockey player Terry Trafford.  Kompassist had set up a fundraiser online without even knowing or talking to the family and when confronted they immediately removed it.

Further evidence a problem exists with those involved in missing persons issues can be seen on Facebook at the following link: (link deactivated as of 9:38am 04/02/2014) Note the racial commentary that is taking place on this particular page and the threats that continue.  It is very concerning that Kompassist is connected with the above link.

Another link is provided to show that kompassist was trying to get their flyer to be used in this missing persons case:

Based on our investigation and findings, we have called in the authorities to start their own investigations into those behind  To recap the steps that were taken.  A phone call was placed to the Business Division at the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office.  (402) 471-4079.  There is no such company registered in the State of Nebraska to do business as Kompassist, Inc.  To put .inc on any form for services is illegal in all 50 states. A complaint was registered with the Secretary of State’s office in NE.

We then placed another  phone call to the Michigan Attorney General’s Office in Lansing, MI.  A complaint was also lodged with that office.  We were then directed by the AG’s office to go to and file a complaint about the website and what they have been up to.  Once that complaint was filed then another was placed with the Better Business Bureau.

Complaints have been filed with who is the hosting provider of and another was filed with who was used to register the domain name of

Other complaints are pending.

The goal now is to get shut down and those behind it prosecuted.  Tactics like this are inexcusable.  If you happen to become even remotely involved in the search of a missing person, you are encouraged to guide those closest to the missing individual to this article so they will not get tangled in a deceptive web.

We will continue to stay on top of this and as details develop, we will bring that information forward.

As of 9:30pm 04/02/2014 the account for Kompassist on Facebook is gone or been deactivated.  No answer as to what exactly happened but it would be best to keep vigil by all to see if it reappears.

The answer to the above comes in at 10:36pm.  Their account is once again active.

04/03/2014 3:00pm has gone dark. Other accounts pertaining to this group are no longer visible. Many are asking What do they have to hide?


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