Racially Charged Attack has Detroit Area on Edge

DETROIT, MI – An 11 year old boy darts out in front of a truck this past detroit city limitsWednesday and is struck.  The driver, Steven Utash, did as any responsible motorist would do, he stopped to check to see if the boy was hurt.

Steven Utash, was driving on Morang Drive around 4 p.m. Wednesday when the 11-year-old boy, David Harris, ran into the street and was struck by the truck that Utash was driving.  When Utash got out of his vehicle to check on the boy, he was attacked by a mob of people from the neighborhood.  Steven Utash is in critical condition in an area hospital fighting for his life.

Police have already determined that Steven Utash was not at fault.  The young boy is fault.  The parents of the 11 yr old have an absolute responsibility to keep their child safe but they also have the expectation that he is within their control.  That obviously was not the case when he was struck by Steven Utash’s truck.  The parents are as much at fault as the child is in this case.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones are calling for calm in this very heated and senseless vigilante style attack.  This beating has not just stayed in the headlines in just Detroit or Michigan but has gone national.  Many are once again saying that a white person is not safe in the city limits of Detroit.  Some comments online paint the picture in very vivid details about how they are viewing Detroit.

It’s easy to say it isn’t about race – unless you were born and raised in Detroit. Unless you were white going to a majority black school. It was clearly about race. My prayers are with Mr. Utash and his family. It would have been nice to see Sharpton and Jackson speak out on this – but it’s encouraging to see Reverend Bullock take action. As for me, I won’t step one foot in that city again.

So many are talking about this very subject all around the country and pointing an accusing finger at Detroit and its residents and for good reason.  Not one person at this time has been arrested in connection with this attack.

1204657_1396581127.3149_appDuggan and Jones said Utash “had done the right thing by stopping to check on the boy.”

“This senseless vigilante style attack is not the essence of who we are as Detroiters and will not be tolerated,” they said in the statement released to the media.  If this is not the essence of who Detroiter’s are, then it is time to start proving it.

Makes me ashamed to be born in that city….hope he pulls through.

Duggan and Jones went further with their comments by saying “We are asking all Metro Detroiters to demonstrate our true character by exercising calm and patience during this emotionally charged time. Most important, we must all keep Mr. Utash, David Harris and their families in our prayers. We also are calling on members of our community who know the individuals involved in this brutal attack to step forward so that justice can be served and healing can begin.”

Unless those in that neighborhood and the community step forward like Mr. Utash did to do the right thing, this could be a powder keg with the fuse already lit.  Mayor Duggan and Council President Jones must find a way to bring those to justice who have once again put Detroit in a very ugly spot light.  We all see and hear the signs of come to Detroit.  Things are getting better.  But are they really?

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be down there protesting if if it happened to a black man.

Michigan tax payers are already seething because it is becoming even more clear as each day passes that Detroit’s bankruptcy will be riding on everyone’s back.  Tax payers are expecting that the thug strong hold that continues to grip Detroit will be broken once and for all.  That one outside perception can make or break Detroit’s rise from the ashes.

A fund has been setup online to help pay for Steven Utash’s medical bills.  It has already raised almost $65,000.  Let’s Pay it Forward !