Flint Woman Arrested for Child Abuse

04/05/2014 Breaking News ! 3 Charged with Beating 11 yr Old Flint Boy

Demitria Powell
Demitria Powell

FLINT, MI – A video that went viral in the local area has a woman in a whole lot of trouble.  She is facing 3 felony charges of child abuse for beating a young boy who is her son. The video was posted to the little boys Facebook account. The video was shared out thousands of times, was also reposted to YouTube and posted to various websites across the internet.

MI Headlines does have a copy of the video but we refuse to post it because of the violence in it.  We are also not printing the young boys name because of his age.

To be eligible to sign up for Facebook, you must be at least 13 years old.  The boy in the video is younger than 13 years old.  He should not have had an account on Facebook to begin with.

The three charged are Demitria Powell, the 11-year-old boy’s mother, along with Uteas Taylor, 42, and Stefon Felton, 39, each face three felony child abuse counts in the case.

There are two adults in the video, one is referenced as his grandmother.  The mother even taunts on the video for someone to call authorities on her for the beating the little boy is about to receive.

We have found that this woman is Demitria Powell. She is the first to be seen slapping the young boy very hard across the face.  The woman is enraged because the young boy posted untrue things about himself on Facebook.  He evidently posted that he was older than he actually is and is a gang member.

You can then see the woman referenced in the video as his grandmother whipping the young boy with a belt of nearly 60 times.  In the background you can hear a man saying that he had been locked up for 10 years in prison and could not wait to see the boy get a whipping.

Early Saturday afternoon Flint City Police posted on their Facebook page that they were investigating the situation with DHS. As of 5:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon two people had been taken into custody in connection to the incident, one man, 39, and one woman, 42.  The man and woman were arrested on unrelated warrants Friday and are not biologically related to the child.  The 39-year-old man is believed to be the person recording the video is her boyfriend.article-2600225-1CF23D7800000578-797_634x318

Hundreds of comments were posted to the City of Flint Police Department’s Facebook page and to the Flint Police Operations Facebook page about this incident.  On the Flint Police Operations page they posted the following:

**WARNING**: Vulgar language, racist comments as well as argumentative comments will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ban without warning. FPO Admins

It is very evident that the comments and discussion on social media has become extremely heated.

The video has been removed from the boy’s Facebook page.   A search of Youtube was also done and the video appears to have been removed from there also.  Flint Police and Child Protective Services continue to investigate the incident.  More arrests may be forthcoming.  Flint police are to be commended for acting quickly once they learned of the video and its contents.

The Flint Police Department asks that the video not be shared out or reposted any further by anyone.  We have adhered to that request even before publishing this article.


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