Door to Door Stranger Danger

PORT HURON, MI – Be aware of those who come to your door.  It could save stranger2your life.  Never open your door to where a person has access to you or your home.  If you are concerned enough, do not hesitate to call 911 immediately.

A young lady posted this to Facebook today and we felt that it necessary to share this information:

My parents live in Port Huron Township & had a young lady come to their door (thankfully my Mom was smart enough to keep the storm door locked & speak through it) the other day asking if she could plug her cell phone charger in. My Mom told her she could plug it into an outside outlet. She then said she didn’t have her charger afterall, could she just come inside & use the phone. My Mom said no she couldn’t, that she was on it & wasn’t coming inside. She then changed it to “I need a ride to go meet my Mom, can you give me a ride?” My Mom told her no & to get off of her porch. The girl who was approximatley in her late teens then proceeded to yell profanity at her until she finally left the property! My Mom did report it to the Sheriff’s Dept, but everyone plz beware & don’t open your door to people you don’t know!

Stranger danger does not just apply to children.  It can apply to adults as in this situation.  It is advised that you remain on guard to keep you, your family and property safe.  The elderly are the most vulnerable to these types of scams.  If you have relatives or neighbors that are elderly, it is advised that you make them aware of these types of events.



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