Operation April Showers Takes Drugs & Guns Off Detroit’s Streets

DETROIT, MI – Several law enforcement agencies worked together to conduct James Craig

raids on houses all over the city of Detroit yesterday.  Dubbed ‘Operation April Showers’ was the seventh full scale drug sweep in recent months.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig is keeping his promise to residents that sweeps will continue until the bad guys get the message.  Residents were over come with joy as they saw the raids being conducted in their neighborhoods.  Found during those raids were heroin, crack, marijuana and illegal firearms.

Commentary on social media sites has been split.  What has been evident with those commenting is the divide of ages.  Those younger are in many ways thumbing theirs noses at the efforts while those a little older are praising any amount of police presence.

Watching this video gives me Great Joy, and Hope. Chief Craig is the best thing that has happened to the City of Detroit. Never have so many arrest been made, in his short time being Police Chief.

The state is cleaning up Belle Isle, and Chief Craig is cleaning up the neighborhoods.  Baby steps of course, but one day at a time. Big Props to you Chief Craig, and all of law enforcement who were a part of this operation. It’s sad, yet so happy to see the neighbor so thrilled, and just relieved with this sweep. Moving the city forward!!

Looks like they got 3 guns and about $250 in drugs according to the picture… they displayed the prepackaged dope but the actual stash went home with the NARCs

What many fail to understand or remember is that not all information is given out with what officers find or learn during these operations.  We should all be standing with every officer in the cleaning up of Detroit.  It has been needed for decades and its finally happening.  The problems did not start over night and they will not end in one sweep.

Over 300 officers were involved in this operation.  Chief Craig stated they are looking for drug dealers and those with outstanding warrants or who have violated parole.

“Something out of move” is right. The DPD has turned into a rogue entity that works to garner a robo cop scenario. They used the same tactics in a raid that led to 7-year Aiyana Jones being killed. DPD is violation of the 4th Amendment and groups like the ACLU and others need to take court actin to stop them.

The above comment is one that stands out because it is this type of thinking that would allow the offenders to continue.  If all of these law enforcement agencies were not on the right side of the law, then other entities would be stepping in to stop whatever is being done wrong.



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