Newborn Baby Found in St. Clair County Shallow Grave

CLAY TOWNSHIP, MI – A person doing yard work in St. Clair County discovered a police-line-do-not-cross-investigation-graphicnewborn child in a shallow grave about 6:30PM in the 9300 block of Stone Road.

Police are asking for assistance from the public for answers to this case.

The baby has been sent to the medical examiner for an autopsy which is to be performed Tuesday.  Authorities do not know if the infant is a boy or a girl.  They also are not certain what race the baby is because of decomposition.

Police are asking schools in the area for information about students who may have been pregnant.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call 911 or the police department directly at (810) 794-9381 and ask for the Chief  Don Drake or Lt. Michael Koach.

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