90 Days In and Complaints Already Starting Over Belle Isle

DETROIT, MI – It was only a matter of time before the complaints started firing upBelle Isle about how the State of Michigan and the Department of Natural Resources has taken command of Belle Isle as per the agreement with the City of Detroit. The state is leasing Belle Isle for 30 years, a deal designed to save the city $6 million annually.

That agreement began on February 1st, 2014.  That is almost exactly 90 days of the island being patrolled by the Michigan State Police and the DNR.  Today Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones spoke out about what she sees as “disgraceful” treatment of those visiting Belle Isle.  Jones is referring to people being stopped by law enforcement on the island. She stated that the city’s residents are being unfairly targeted. Jones wants sensitivity training for Michigan State Police and DNR officers.

City Council President Brenda Jones said she personally would be making phone calls to state leaders.  What Jones needs to come to terms with is that MSP and the DNR and only enforcing laws that are on the books.  Detroit for too long has been known to be a lawless city.  This is a nice first step in the right direction.  Commentary on social media and other news sites has been fiercely against Jones’ comments.

Jones and those complaining about being stopped on Belle Isle need to wake up that there are laws and they will be followed.  The taxpayers of Michigan are pouring millions of dollars into the park to bring it back to life so it will benefit everyone.  Instead of making public complaints about those who have broken the laws on Belle Isle and the “disgraceful treatment” of those individuals, she should be praising the efforts of those enforcing the laws.

The following are four examples of the many that can be found in the DNR Weekly Reports:

CO Kyle Bader patrolled Belle Isle, and while on the island, the CO
made a traffic stop for excessive speed. The driver and passenger were both suspended. The driver had two misdemeanor warrants and the passenger had three. The vehicle was not registered or insured and the tabs did not match the plate. Two tickets were issued and bond was collected on one warrant. The subjects were advised of their other warrants and the vehicle was released to a valid driver.

Sgt. Tom Wanless stopped a vehicle for traveling at a high rate of speed on Belle Isle. The operator had a suspended driver’s license and multiple warrants for his arrest. The passenger had an open container of intoxicants. Enforcement action was taken and the operator was turned over to the Redford Township Police Department for three of his five warrants.

COs Kris Kiel and Phil Hudson were called to back up a MSP trooper on Belle Isle where the subjects had warrants and the odor of marijuana was present. When the COs arrived, a search of the vehicle was conducted. A bag with approximately one half pound of marijuana was located in the trunk. The driver was arrested and transported by the COs to the Detroit Detention Center on felony possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.

While patrolling Belle Isle, COs Kris Kiel and Phil Hudson backed up a MSP trooper on a traffic stop. The driver was arrested for operating while impaired and carrying a concealed weapon while intoxicated. One passenger was arrested on outstanding warrants.

Brenda Jones made herself look foolish today by making such statements.  She only needed to do a little research and she would have learned that the DNR is doing their job.  That information is located here.

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