15 Yr Old Ohio Teen Girl Is Missing

** 08/01/2014 – UPDATE – Sarah is still missing.  Oddly there are still very few leads to go on at this time.   

Please continue to ‘Share’ her information to your family and friends on Facebook and other Social Media Sites. 

No further information available.


COLUMBUS, OH – Columbus police are searching for a 15 yr old girl who has Sarah Curtis photobeen missing since April 24th, 2014.

Sarah Curtis may be with an older male and may have traveled out of Ohio with him to New York.  However, she could be anywhere so authorities are asking for the public’s help in locating her.

She was last seen in Clintonville in Columbus OH.


  • Age: 15 yrs old
  • Height:  5ft 1
  • Weight: 110lbs
  • Eye Color: Greenish blue eyes

Further Information from WBNS-10TV .

A Facebook page has been set up to share information.  The following is the information taken directly from the Facebook page:

Sarah Curtis has been missing since last Thursday 4/24/14; last seen in Clintonville in Columbus OH on her way to friend’s house on E. Tulane.

Sarah left on Thursday afternoon stating she would be going to her best friend’s house and would be back Sunday evening April 27th, 2104.

She did not return home. It was at that time the truth was discovered that neither she nor her friend had ever made any plans at all together and the friend had not spoken to Sarah during the weekend.  At that time an initial police report was made with little evidence to cause significant concern.

The investigation of her whereabouts in first 48 hours led to this significant CALL FOR HELP.

We have reason to believe that Sarah is not alone and is allegedly with a 16-17 yr old Asian male (her boyfriend?) named Luke, a hockey player? whom she met at Easton Chiller.

We also have reason to believe that Sarah is traveling to meet Luke or traveled with him to somewhere in the 845 area code of the State of New York (possible home town of this male?); as well as indication of her possibly going to New York.

*Has 2nd cell phone-# as her AT&T Galaxy is off.
**No FB contact since 4/24/14

If ANYONE knows details on this Asian male named Luke, possibly lived in Clintonville/Milton area and goes to an online academy with “wealthy parents?”, please come forward.

If you know of any additional social media tags/apps that we may not have—please share.

Please text or call older sister @ 614-806-8566.

If you have information on the whereabouts of Sarah Curtis, please call 911 or 614-645-4545.

It is very important that this information be ‘Shared’ out as quickly as possible to help locate this young girl.

UPDATE FROM HER FAMILY- As of 5/5/14 In response to the numerous requests for updates on the whereabouts of Sarah:

First let me share my deep gratitude and appreciation for every gesture; prayer and each precious second that each of you have spent in the search for my younger sister. I never could have imagined the amount of support and with the increasingly significant amount of action that already has been done.

Sarah Curtis has been missing since Thursday April 24th 2014 from her Clintonville Home in Columbus OH. Operation FL Found Safe along side with Columbus Police Department are working deligently and actively to secure any and all possible leads in the pursuit of finding Sarah. Nothing has been confirmed but it is highly suspected that Sarah is not alone and was taken out of state possibly, New York, Pennsylvania or Chicago area. Sarah has made no known contact with anyone–PLEASE continue to message her/all her and provide your phone # or address in case she does see it.

Please note ** As her sister; I believe that Sarah did not just “runaway” as any sole act of rebellion or escape of home life; This is a perplexing and complex case and should not be taken lightly!! Sarah was provided with some sort of security plan (whether real or fake) from this refrenced male she has met. Sarah could be in danger so we all need to stay positve, stong and proactive for her!

Please continue to create flyers; post/share DAILY so Sarah’s search never loses momentum–WE ARE ONLY GETTING STARTED SARAH.

Please use all social media and communication to get the word out!!

**Special Thanks to

WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio
MI Headlines and Missing Cases.com
RACE – Search & Rescue

And to EVERYONE who has posted and continues to aid us in finding Sarah!

Please continue to message/call Sarah and ask questions amoung those who knew her;

If anyone has any possible tips/info/ideas for promoting her search or anyone who just wants to discuss the case; Feel free to message Annie Lyze or call 614-806-8566 **Please note that I will get back to you as soon as possible